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kt pipal  😝 they/them

And now we live in California 💞💙💞

Two desert dogs I found

Feeling blessed by friends, strangers, dogs, and very loud insects!!!

UPDATE #1! The eastern United States are impossibly green (see time lapses, North Carolina and Pennsylvania). My aunt is the best. Tiki bars on pedal boats exist. Biscuits and gravy are never a bad idea.

This is a car full of snacks and love and life spent with all of you 💙 // So begins crazy drive and change and journey! Yaaaa!!

✨ the wonders of friendship in New York City ✨

Saying adios to the sweet den of a room that we’ve been living in. It would notttttt have been possible for us both to live and work in this space without the absolutely wild and beautiful shelving systems that Liz designed. They were SUSPENDED SHELVES, y’all. We love them and we LOVE LIZ! Thank you Liz!!! Hire Liz for everything you want to build ever!!! Liz liz liz!!!

EVERYTHING MUST GO! There will be beer! And art! And everything else! Bring clothes you’re getting rid of and we’ll donate whatever is left behind! This weekend AND NEXT! We love you! @_agundi_ @haddad_v @sophsudz @madgonemad

happiest place! is the blotch on the windshield or my phone screen? find out next time!!!!

National sibling day, you say?!! Hbd lizard ☺️❤️😉

we are just listening to nineties music 🙏❤️💕🙏❤️💕

Hi there instagram I’ve got some very fun news for y’all

V and I are moving to LA in August!!! We are both extremely excited!!!!! I wanted to put out the feelers here for anyone you might know who’s selling their hybrid vehicle, as we are looking for a trusty steed. Also if you know anyone renting out a sweet apartment on the west side, hello and please thank you for the information!

Mostly, looking forward to many many east coast backyard hangs/garage sales/clothing swaps as we prepare to leave our glorious home here in bk.
See you soon! ❤️❤️❤️

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