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Silly Sasha  My bark is mighty, but my kisses are sweet. I'm Silly Sasha, a sassy gal with a zest for adventure and fierce love of my family. Adopt! Don't Shop 🐾

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNY!!!!!!! Today is my brother, Benito’s, 14th birthday!!!! Wow! If you think I’m defying the odds, then hold my ball and meet this guy! Benny is the epitome of defying the odds. As I shared in an earlier post, doctor’s look at his x-ray and simply can’t explain how he’s walking. He has the NEVER QUIT spirit. He is my daddy’s soul dog and is the absolute sweetest. And don’t let his gentle nature or my sassiness fool you, he’s the most protective member of our pack. We had a little birthday lunch party for him. Our friend Janessa made him (us!) some tasty homemade turkey meatballs. We are feasting today! Mommy is cooking us salmon for dinner. Life is good. We are feeling very grateful. Cheers to 14. Benny, you’re my greatest companion. I love you 🐾
PS How cool does my super hero stripe look now? I’m totally digging my new blonde ‘do.
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Every night we have a dance party in baby Arlo’s room. Dad plays DJ, Mommy & Arlo are grooving fans and Kane puts on a FULL dance routine. I love popping in from time to time to get in on the action. The laughter is soup for the soul. I’m back at the doctor in TWO weeks for my follow up CT Scan. It’s the time we will see what impact has been made by radiation and other treatments and lifestyle changes. I think it’s fair to say everyone is nervously optimistic. Two weeks! Cross your paws for good news 🐾

#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds #DanceParty #KingKane👑 #ArloTheGreat🐺

Baby kisses bring you back to what’s most precious and perfect. 🐾

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WHOAH! Did anyone else just watch #ThisIsUs? I’m gonna need at least Monday, maybe part of Tuesday, to collect my emotions off the floor. 🐾
#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds

Got in some old school cuddles with my mama today. The snow had us feeling extra lazy today, especially after a tearful night from my baby brother, Arlo, who’s teething. I’m doing good. Just busy days protecting the house. If anyone gets within 10 feet I sound the alarm and my fur brother’s spring into action. Anyone watched any good movies lately? These cold winter days have me curling up in the tv room. Looking for something good to watch. 🐾

#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds

Don’t ask me why, but this cold weather has me craving ice cream. Throwing it back on this Tuesday to warm summer days scooping up puppy cones from Amy’s in Austin. 🐾

#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds #AmysIceCream #PuppyCone #ThrowbackPic

It’s a lazy rainy day here in NYC. How’s it looking out your window? 🐾

#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds

Hey y’all! Got an A+ Checkup today at the Doc. He and his team did an X-Ray of my chest to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread to those vital organs. ALL CLEAR! We also did a blood panel to make sure everything is operating well with my new meds & diet. ALL CLEAR! Airflow in my left nostril has increased from “mild” to “moderate”. I’ll take it! We’re going to do my next CT Scan in two months to officially see the impact of radiation on my tumor. I’m optimistically excited! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. I’m so grateful... every day is a bonus! 🐾

#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds

Getting in a quick anti-anxiety butt scratch sesh. At the Doc for a checkup & feeling extra anxious for some reason. BRB after my X-ray & blood work... 🐾

#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds

Hey friends! I’m helping my friend Janessa sort through all of our @gogetitlife Gear. We just had our 4th Annual #GratitudeChallenge and we are prepping all of our winner’s gift boxes. Have you heard of #GoGetItLIFE? It’s this pretty cool thing my parents started a few years ago. It’s all about encouraging one another to live our best lives. We support various non-profits through our apparel sales and our annual 5K races in New York. It’s also an online community where people submit and share their personal story— whether it’s how they give back, how they’ve overcome a challenge... anything they wanna share. It’s super therapeutic to share your story... just as I’ve learned with this Instagram page. Anyways, I’m always happy to lend a helping paw to good causes such as this. And hearing everyone’s stories submitted for the Gratitude Challenge has been very inspiring. So many people had stories of how they give back to animal nonprofits, or of how they’ve rescued dogs like me. You guys rock! 🐾

#SillySasha #AdoptDontShop #DefyingTheOdds #GiveBack

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