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☬ੴProud to Be A Sikhੴ☬  Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!🙏•Spreading Sikhi• ||Gurbani Quotes||Sikh Guru Pictures|| Gurus Sacrifices||#letslearn ❤️ѕαтиαм ωαнєgυяυ❤️

Guru Nanak is the greatest of all; He saved my honour in this dark age of Kali Yuga. 🙏🏽💫 #waheguru #dhangurunananak #Kaalthedarkage

Ever remember God at every moment✨meditate on the Lord of Eternity✨

God is the master of us and our world and everything is controlled by him, both good and what we may see as bad. However, everything God does for us is for our well being and what we deserve so don't fret when bad things come as God is always there to take care of his children and provide for us. Remember never to lose faith when bad times arrive in our lives as this is the will of the lord and with bad, comes good. ✨He himself makes the mortals anxious and he himself takes the anxiety away✨ Dhan Sri Guru Amardas Ji #gurbaniquotes #thirdguru #waheguru

On this very day, in the year 1699, the tenth guru...Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji 🙏🏽...gave rise to Khalsa and offered the 5 emblems of purity, most commonly known as the 5 K's - ✨KESH, KANGHA, KARA, KIRPAN, KASHARA.✨ This allowed us Sikhs to have and be unified as we were rid of the caste system, however, we still choose to use this caste system and more importantly we use it as a weapon to make ourselves inferior to others. It is important that we don't pride over this system as we are children of the guru and should respect others and treat them equally as well as eliminate titles and ranking of people. Furthermore, on this day Amrit was taken by the '5 Pyare; Bhai Daya Singh Ji, Bhai Dharam Singh Ji, Bhai Himmat Singh Ji, Bhai Mohkam Singh Ji and Bhai Sahib Singh Ji' and they were no longer part of ranks and caste systems but the rather the rise of Khalsa and true singh's of the guru. There are usually referred to as the pillars of Sikhi. HAPPY VAISAKHI EVERYONE 💙☬WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH ☬

The devotees of the Lord have the Wealth and Capital of the Lord; with Guru's Advice, they carry on their trade. They praise the Name of the Lord forever and ever. The Name of the Lord is their Merchandise and Support.🙏🏽❤️ #sriguruarjandevji #waheguru #sikhi

There is no use in wasting time, pleasing others, we should stay focused on ourselves and pleasing our guru❤️🙏🏽 #waheguru #Sikhi

✨In this world, I have not seen any true friend.✨ Everything in this world is temporary, family & friends on whom we fondly gaze upon will not be there for us in the end. Waheguru, alone, is our true father, mother, friend, and caretaker. When we experience times of difficulty, he is there for us, while the people are busy with their worldly matters. Throughout the eight watches of the day he remains by our side, watching over us and taking care of us. For this, I thank you my Lord 🙏🏽

Above is Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji who was devotee to our ninth master- Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji🙏🏽 If you would like to read his story and learn more about his contribution to Sikhi, checkout @sikhwisdom recent post. #waheguru #sikhi

Conquer the mind✨Conquer the world✨ #gurugranthsahibji #quotes 💫

Har bin dūja nāhi koe.
Sarab nirantar eko soe.
✨ There is no other than God. The One, pervades, and is present in all✨
Ot pot raviā rūp rang.
Bhae pragās sādh kai sang.
✨ The One is contained in all forms and colours. This knowledge is attained by the true devotee from the True One, himself. ✨
#sukhmanisahib #waheguru🙏🏽

ਅੰਤਰਜਾਮੀ ਪੁਰਖ ਬਿਧਾਤੇ ਸਰਧਾ ਮਨ ਕੀ ਪੂਰੇ ॥
Anṯarjāmī purakẖ biḏẖāṯe sarḏẖā man kī pūre. ✨O Inner-knower, Searcher of Hearts, O Primal Being, Architect of Destiny: please fulfill this yearning of my mind.✨ ਨਾਨਕ ਦਾਸੁ ਇਹੈ ਸੁਖੁ ਮਾਗੈ ਮੋ ਕਉ ਕਰਿ ਸੰਤਨ ਕੀ ਧੂਰੇ
Nānak ḏās ihai sukẖ māgai mo ka-o kar sanṯan kī ḏẖūre. ✨Nanak, Your slave, begs for this happiness: let me be the dust of the feet of the Saints.✨
#waheguru 🙏🏽#kirtansohila

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