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Public service announcement: this is what happens when you blink. Tape those eyes open 😳

It’s radish season!! Just kidding, no one gets excited about that (poor radishes, wishing they were tomatoes). I plant them every year because they are one of the first things to grow and I just love pulling new veggies straight out of the dirt, even if they aren’t that exciting. I am always a late planter, but this year I was extra extra late, and now I’m watching all of my neighbors (and all of the internet) harvest all kinds of goodies and feeling kind of lame over here with my radish bouquet. But then I look across my garden and see my row of greens that will be great for dinner, the beats are coming in nicely, I have baby squash and a handful of ripening tomatoes (and you would not believe how well I grow weeds!) Even though it feels slow, everything is progressing and GROWING, and that my friends, is the important thing. So regardless of what your neighbors (or everyone on the internet) are doing, as long as you are growing every day, you are doing just fine 😙🌱 #jibsongarden

Sometimes when I gaze into your eyes I ponder the great accomplishments of our marriage like, “I wonder how many pounds of chips and salsa we’ve eaten in our lifetime together....” and other deeply romantic topics.

When does a sandcastle become just a pile of wet sand? When does a secret magic hideout become just a few blankets laid over chairs? When does coloring and painting and connecting our hands to our brains and getting lost in our own imaginations become just a waste of time and something we “used to do”? When do we have to grow up? I hope never 🤞🏼✨

Love these grubby faces

Super Duper Avocado Toast: - drizzle olive oil on your @hawkandsparrowbread
- mash avocado - top with garden tomato (🤯)
- basil, s&p, one more drizzle of olive oil
- lick plate clean

Marriage is like a volcano; fiery and explosive, quiet and dormant....repeat for thousands of years😜
What I've learned in SIXTEEN years together is that marriage is a little bit of everything all at the same time, so it's up to each partner to contribute the right amount of balance to even out the chaos. This last year has taken us on a ride through all kinds of changes and projects and stress and I'm happy to report that much of that is in the rearview mirror (well, not the projects, but the overwhelming stress of them). There were times when we were both coming and going so much, we truly only saw each other in passing, and were like "oh yeah, you live here too. hey". I feel like we are back in the balance, which is something we've gotten good at in all these years together. I say “let's plant an acre of garden!” He laughs and convinces me to start just a bit smaller (bless him and his ability to know the future). He says “let's get seventeen projects done before breakfast”, and I talk him into swapping out one of those things for a bike ride. I want ice cream, he wants cookies, so obviously we just have both. Balance. We aren't perfect, as individuals or as a couple. We are both stubborn and always right (even though I am slightly MORE right), but we recognize the importance of each other, our kids, and what the best family life for US is. And I'd say, it's pretty good. Happy Anniversary babe❤️🌋

I had every intention to run. Short shorts on. All fueled up (cookie 😬). Shoes in hand. I sat down out back to lace them up and wandered out to the garden just to check. An hour later I was lost in a row of weeds that had taken advantage of my absence last week. I have to constantly remind myself about the importance of mental exercise....not JUST the physical. Quiet mind, low heart rate, hands in the dirt. I cleaned up the row of lettuce, and worked halfway down the beets. Pulling and tossing anything that stole sunlight and life from the tender greens that have so easily sprung up from seeds. I wondered, do we spend enough time weeding out our lives? Or do we just get used to living with those things that leave us in shadows and don’t allow us to thrive? How often do we slow and take note of overgrowth we can pull from the root and toss to the side; bad habits, unhealthy thoughts, people, environments, our phones- anything that keeps us from the sunlight. What I’ve learned from these last few years of gardening is that the more weeds you pull each year, the fewer you’ll have the next. After a couple summers of dedicated work, it’s fairly easy to maintain (starting all over this year has reminded me how far I’d come in my last space). I think the same is true with our minds- the more frequently we take time to discard those things that do not offer up sunlight and strength, the easier it will be for us to grow to our potential as the sun shines and the seasons pass. ☀️🌱#jibsongarden

🎵 I will follow you into the dark....🎵 (but mostly because you always have new batteries in your headlamp...) ps I love when my kids take my camera 😍

I can confidently say that I am very mediocre at most things in life. I have waaaaay too many hobbies to throw my entire heart into just ONE activity and actually get really amazingly awesome at it....and I am 100% ok with that. But I have to admit, I have gotten really, super duper amazingly awesome at kicking back and watching sunsets; dare I say, professional level.

Home again, home again (don’t worry, I still have 743 photos I want to share). Garden is alive and well (but not as alive and well as the weeds 😬). I hoed a few rows and then grabbed some greens and the first few tiny tomatoes for an early lunch. Lettuce + baby spinach and kale + a few tiny beets (when you thin them throw the whole thing in your salad!) + Oregon smoked salmon + raspberries + toasted sprouted bagel + pesto + tomato + radish. Back to weeding!

Driving out to the coast sounds like fun and games until all the fun and games are over and you’re driving allllllll the way back from the coast and you’re so tired of sitting you feel like your legs might fall off. I’m excited to get home and see my pup and my garden (and maybe even the cat), but for now I’m jotting down stories from the trip and filing away my favorite new memories. This photo seems like nothing to you- it’s blurry and awkward and really not super great...yet it’s everything to me. I LOVE to run. I don’t know why- sometimes I wish I didn’t; I wish I didn’t need it so much to make my brain work and my soul feel fed. I used to HATE it (side note my sophomore year of highschool was the last year I took PE, and as I was running the mile I told myself as soon as I was done I would never have to run again 😂). We took a family jog through the rainforest a few nights ago- trying to beat the sun before it left the trees. It was balmy, the trail was slightly overgrown with not-quite-ripe blackberries, and we laughed as the chipmunks scattered out of the way as we rudely barreled through their homes. It was one of my favorite activities, side-by-side with my very favorite little (but growing!) guy. It was one of those moments that we, as mothers, file away in our brains as highlights. Yep, I got all that from a crappy photo 😉

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