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Shane Mann  I'm a twat that can get you to dislike me in a matter of minutes. I will make jokes that will make you cry and feel sorry for my existence.

After being there only 5 days, I can honestly say I'll miss that place. All the staff were amazing and the animals all shown unique personality from the obnoxious screeching of muffin the donkey and her endless plea for food. To Bernard the turkey, jam-packed with confidence but with not enough gall to follow through. Not only is it just the place we got Martha but now another addition to our petting zoo. Axl the Guinea pig because it seems wherever I go to a place with animals, I without fail to bring one back. Thanks for St Francis.

I'm gonna ride till I can't no more.

Twapser on vocals and Lana on the harmonica. @lana.k.m @yeroc71 @supermanny75

I understand seeing the similarities in dogs and their owners now. I'm either looking like a twat or sleeping just like Casper.

Been a while since I saw you last, Happy birthday. House doesn't feel the same without you.


Beep, Beep, I'm a lamb.

Bush Baby.

Pip the Wallaby.

It's so weird walking downstairs and not seeing her smile. It hurts so much more now that Casper has somewhat realized she isn't coming back. He is watching the door at all times and whining so quietly. God I miss her.

"I don't want a book, I want a dog!" A quote from 5 year old me, arguing with the lady booking us a puppy, a white German Shepherd puppy. 11 year since and I am so glad that I didn't get the book and that I won that argument. In that time, I had a ridiculous ammount of snobby kisses and puppy eyes. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'll love you now and forever, you've left a paw shaped hole in my heart.
I love you Martha, no dog has anything on your big brown eyes!

Rest in Peace Martha. We will all miss you and never forget you.

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