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Abra_ha_m  I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people••••••

We all are born to die, don't feel more special than me...

look upon Him..coz He is my father who moulds me into the child He is proud of....and thats why am grateful and humbled... *•_lil•se_aler***

when am not in my harshest you can still get roasted 'cause marsh is not mellows....

n papa used to say" Don't raise ur voice, improve your argument."

She had the soul of a gypsy,heart of a hippie n spirit of a fairy✨✨

Blowing out somebody's else's candle doesn't make yours shine brighter....

I don't care how long it takes me but i'm going somewhere beautiful...

Mummy,mama buh i think sweet mum works for me..Am greatful for all the things you hve done for me n the family...i love u...so so much...My God bless un add u days to see the great things tht your children hve planned for u..n I mean great things..

You ain’t the only one that’s tryna be the only one.

Got a picture on the wall that costs
You observin it, I'm absorbin it..lol

Everybody Dies But Not Everybody Lives!!

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