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Scarlett  Ello...London 🇬🇧 📸 @25modelmanagement

I just need a tan back and everything will be ok

I’m really glad I spent £1000 on an iPhone X, love the camera quality

It’s #worldmentalhealthday - remember you are precious, your life is precious. Love yourself, forgive yourself and be vulnerable to those around you if needed.

I’ve struggled with mental health since the age of 11, there have been times where I’ve questioned my existence and wanted to escape everything. But I know, there’s always someone who will be there, there’s always something to look forward too. Trust you are strong, trust things do get better ❤️

Very rare that I will ever speak out about anything other than animal cruelty 🌚
But just want to remind everyone to take good care of themselves from the inside out. I’ve been suffering with bad anxiety for about 4 months now and kept brushing it off until recently it got too much and I had to take a step back.
Coming home to my family/ dogs and taking time for myself with help from my good friend sertraline I feel more positive everyday.
Removing yourself from your daily routine/ work to get better is not a failure, but takes strength. LOVE URSELF ❤️


I’m not even sure if that hand on my hip is mine


L o n g

Hate it when you have to hide your big melons

Couldn’t get anymore bank holiday Monday

Bye summer

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