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Savannah Walker  28 years old ✌🤘 Just trying to juggle life 🙈🙉🙊 Taken💑 Momma of 5 fur babies 🐾 Auntie 💕

Loved my workout today! Was intense and straight to the point only taking about 45min. 👇

AMRAP in 30min (I think I did 7, maybe 8..ugh I stopped keeping track lol) take 30-45sec rest in between rounds
Squats 10-12
DB chest press 12-15
Barbell row 12-15
Barbell Upright row 10-12
Crunches 20
Make sure to use a weight that is challenging the last couple reps on each exercise.
Cardio-----> treadmill----> 1min walk, 30 sec sprint----> incline 5% for a total of 15min

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In all three of these photos, my weight is about the same. I'm sure over the years if my diet was perfect most of the time, I could have made more progress than I have but I wanted to show how weight is really just a number and your body can be making progress that the scale doesn't show. I have more shape to my legs, my waist is tighter, arms, are toner but yet my weight is about the same as the picture on the far left. Far right pic being today. So when in doubt put the scale away and just keep pushing forward. #mondaymotivation #fitnessmotivation #putthescaleaway #transformation #healthymindandbody #fitjourney #fitchick #beingfitmyway #mindovermatter #keeponkeepingon👊

Cause I gave up on trying to be productive today. ✨ #netflixandchill #dayoff #relaxing_time👌 #ootdpost #flannelkindaday

Here's the workout 👇

Do 4 rounds resting only 30 seconds in between rounds(if you can)
Deficit reverse lunges: 12-15/leg
Plie/sumo squat: 12-15
Stiff-leg deadlift: 12-15
Exercise ball leg curls: 15
Kneeling leg extension: 15-20
Banded body weight squats(not coming all the way up, keeping tension on the glutes) 12-15
Banded standing leg kickbacks: 15/leg
Treadmill intervals👇
Incline 5% 1min walking 30 second sprint (as fast as you can go) do rotation for 20min.
I am not looking to add size to my legs whatsoever. Just wanna burn the fat and sculpt. Which is why I have been doing circuits. Just need to keep my diet in check lol at the end of the day though regardless of my goals I workout cause it makes me feel good and that's what matters.
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Nothing better than a warm sunny day and a good fitting pair of levis! ❤😊 #sunnydays🌞 #levijeans #ootd #comfyandcute #levis #sunnypnw #errandstime

So happy I got to spend some time with this little one and my dad today! Looking forward to more bubble time in the near future! #lovebeinganauntie #auntielife #nephew💙 #nephewlove #familyfun #familytime #bubblesonbubbles

Exercise ball v-ups 10
Ankle taps 30
Push ups 10
Barbell row 20
Lat pull downs 10
Curl to press 10
Split squat w/ booty band 15
Kneeling leg ext. 10-15
Repeat 4x

Treadmill (incline 5-7%) Walk 2min
Lunges 1min
Walk 1min
Sprint 1min
Walk 1min
Side squat (right) 1min
Walk 1 min
Side squat (left 1min)
Walk 1min
Sprint 1min
Walk 1min
Lunges 1min
Walk 1min
Side squat (right)1min
Walk 1min
Side squat (left) 1 1min
Walk 1min
Sprint 1min
Walk 1 min
Total of 20min
Workout took a little less than hour and I took a 1min rest in between each round of the circuit.
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Ok, so I got a workout in today. I did a kind of workout I used to do all the time that I enjoyed and yes I did push myself but I can honestly say that felt good during and after it was done.
20 MT Climbers, 10 push ups, 10 shoulder presses
10 lateral raises, 10 hack squats,15 burpees...Repeat 3x
20 MT Climbers, 15 DB bent over rows, 10 shoulder presses, 10 DB rear delt flyes, 15 squats, 15 split squats.... Repeat 3x then did 15min on my treadmill. Simple, fast pace and this only took me about 45min. What I was trying to get into on my story (my phone kept stopping my recordings) is how I have been struggling this past year with loving myself and just choosing to be happy. I had slowly started to lose the joy of working out because of multiple things. It started to feel like an obligation and just straight up wasn't enjoying the process. I was working most of my days this past year sometimes going a month or 2 without a day off. Working 10+ hour days.. Doing so I hardly ever had any reset days or days where I just had time to sit, think, and recharge. This caused me to never have time to feel anything it seemed. I didnt have time to feel upset about something or feel frustrated or even enjoy happy feelings cause I was always on the go. I have had quite a few break downs..let me tell ya... Everyday felt the same.
Just recently I asked myself, " why am I feeling this way and what needs to change for me not to feel this way anymore?"
Took me a while to figure it out but I realized it was partly because of social media. Anytime I was down and stuck in negative thoughts I turned to social media. I would look at others posts and see their lives and think why can't life be that easy for me? Why can't I be as happy as all these other people? Why am I not as determined as so and so to get to the gym? And so on.... I started to not feel ok with WHO I AM. I truly think social media causes a lot of mental health issues amongst us humans. They say its for staying connected with friends and family but I highly doubt you all talk to every person you follow or that is on your list of 1,000+ friends.
To be continued in comments.....

Well, call us crazy but tomorrow evening we will be picking up this baby girl. #dobermanpinscher #dobermans #dobermanpuppy #newfamilymember #furbabies

Day 2 of week 4. Sent my 3 week check in to @sumeet_sahni 😊 can't wait to hear her feed back. Had a delicious chicken fried pork chop and mashed potatoes and gravy along with a brownie and a scoop of ice cream for a cheat meal last night. Was AaaaaMAaaaaazing! #nevermissamonday #sumeetfit @sumeet_sahni #week4 #fitchick #girlswithmuscle #gymsharkwomen #gymshark #motivated #goals #fitgoals #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #gymlife

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