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‘I expect you might be reading these words here because you’re a fretter with a mind that goes too fast, too high, too unbridled. And like me, you might have tried everything to fix this fretting, because fretters try really, really hard at everything. They also tend to think they need fixing.’
No need to fix you. You're on your way, my friend. If you're craving more of this ☝️First, We Make The Beast Beautiful comes out in the US + UK in T minus 6 days! Preorder now to read it first, link in bio #firstwemakethebeastbeautiful #anxiety

This is how you read first, we make the beast beautiful ... with pens and highlighters and post its and markers, scribbles and sketches and blackout poetry style. Really sink your teeth into it! I can't wait to see how you go with it, US + UK peeps 🖊✏️📚Preorder now at the link in my bio - it comes out a week today, so not long to wait! #firstwemakethebeastbeautiful #anxiety #mentalhealth via @naomi.novel, @the_humble_nook, @trinaerin, @bonnies.journey, @lost__in_words__, @planner.barbie, @shylittlepixie

Seriously, this kid is always thinking of me. All the way from Canberra. And because he knew I’d love it.

Sunset tonight. Indian summer. Everyone is feeling weird.

I’m Girl Laughing With Icy Pole. I horrify myself with how easily I become trope. That said, this shoot was the nicest I’ve known. Arrived having had no sleep and frazzled to the hilt. A team of people way more grounded and loving than I deserved caught me... and gave me an icy pole. Some people are just bigger than mood and I fully respect them for that. Here’s to all the service-givers who do this for a living 🧚🏼‍♂️ #screenshot

For my thrifty friends in the US, now's the time to preorder your copy of first, we make the beast beautiful👌@barnesandnoble, @amazon and @target all have at least 33% off at the moment, so you can be the first to read and share and tell me what you think and save some sweet cash while you're at it. I can't wait - link in bio #firstwemakethebeastbeautiful via @megsmuzings

Once one is caught up into the material world no one person in 10,000 finds the time…to examine the validity of philosophic concepts for himself.
F.Scott Fitzgerald
#consumeless #simplicious 📷 @stivesmermaid #giveashit

You're too bloody kind @markmansonnet - thanks for giving a f*%k about the book 😆first, we make the beast beautiful is weeks (days!!) away from landing in the US and UK. Pre-order now and get your hands on a copy super soon, link in bio #firstwemakethebeastbeautiful

Shooting my next project and goddamn if I have to do Amish-esque napkins and silly garnishes. Let’s f@ck things up a bit and get foodies thinking different. Let’s shoot scraps and use the office cups and prop on the floor, hey @photopalmer @noriroll15 @megandveg @ingridohlsson @meganjpigott 🤛 #simplicious #foodwastegirl

Just love. I don’t know the story. I don’t need to. In fact, I like not knowing why two people just ARE tender and reach out and drop all the reasons for being intimately restricted. And instead... just love. This shot by @newyorkermag touches me. #biggerlove

'I don’t sit here healed. I sit here simply knowing I’m on a better journey.
When my anxiety gets bad, I stay with the pain. I don’t flee; I ride it out. I watch it. I cope.'
I can’t wait for first, we make the beast beautiful to hit bookshops in the UK and US really bloody soon. Please do show me where you're reading The Beast, what you're post-it noting and writing in the margins, what quotes you love best. Preorder to get it first - link in my bio to order
#firstwemakethebeastbeautiful #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #bipolar

Leech bites, a nap on a log, packet of chips on the train on way home... #sarahwilsonhikes

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