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yesterday i turned 27.🌟

17.5 months of nursing this boy. i say this emotionally, but with peace, that this chapter has come to its end. the other night as roman was showing me he was ready for bed, i knew it was time. i held him tightly for a moment and laid him down. he was comfortable and content. it was bittersweet. i left his room and a flood of feelings came over my husband and i. we just hugged each other and tears were shed. although our roles and experiences have been very different through this, we were both equally invested and i love that. (despite the nights i was up for hours as my husband peacefully slept🤪) alex was able to witness this journey from beginning to end and to him it was a privilege. knowing it was done was just as hard on him. he always walked beside us, immensely respected, supported, encouraged and admired the gift we had. for me, it brought me right back to the morning roman was born. to holding my 6lb newborn. being in my arms only minutes before our first feed. how quickly and naturally it came. nourishing him for the first time earth-side. to the magical, dazed, in love days of getting to know my son. i look back and i’m in awe of the way he just knew i was his mom. he loved me and found safety in me instantly. i’m praising God for it all. for the start and the finish and everything in between. i never wanted any pressure on our timeline. i wanted the transition to be smooth and right for the BOTH of us. it’s never easy saying goodbye to something so special. i’m proud for how far we’ve come. i’m thankful we were able. God has shown me how pleasing and beautiful it is to sacrifice my time and body for the good of someone else. through the demanding times and the sleepless nights, it’s been a gift. one i wouldn’t trade for anything. the three of us close the book to these oh so special pages. we’re surrendering our hearts to let go and cherish the past, treasure the now and embrace the future of our family and who this lovely boy is becoming. thanking God for the opportunity to grow us in new pages & trusting Him to show us the blessings in every chapter to come. (& yes i’m sobbing while writing this.💛)

thankful for you. for our friendship. for our mutual understanding & desire for oneness. for the One & Only ever faithful, never changing foundation we’re continually building upon. thank you for allowing God to show you how to love me so well.

happy bday auntie kk🎂 thanks for being besties with my mom since 2004. i can’t count, but that’s a lot of years!!! you guys must be getting old.😉 mom said she brought a pot of yellow flowers to school on your 13th birthday because they symbolized friendship.🌼 i think it’s pretty cool how involved in each other’s lives you’ve been since then. maybe one day you can tell me some more cute & funny stories you two have had in allllll that time. hope you feel extra special today, love you🐙

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”
Mark 10:14-15
Dependency. Trust. Simplicity. Irrelevancy. Small children aren’t concerned with popularity, worry or offense. They aren’t afraid or embarrassed to be vulnerable, honest & loving. And although none are born without sin, they have a general & constant realization of their need for us. How quickly they discover life in their own strength is impossible. They want & seek relation with us, as their protectors. A portion of the world will not see their significance or validate their worth... but God does and He calls us to not only do the same, but be the same. We have a lot to learn through shepherding these sweet little souls and what a blessing it is.

hello my heart.

october was good to us🍁 one last night of harvest fun ahead!

God’s favor upon my life. an abundant life is not about things going our way and thank the good Lord for that. when we understand & abide in His provisions, we are most blessed.
i’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in our generation. where family, children, marriage, commitment & selflessness are being pushed further and further out of the picture. the more i dive into the word & see the Fathers heart, the more it breaks mine. what seems like a harmless half kidding - half serious mindset- where pets are replacing babies, where uplifting and almost idolizing dogs above a position that God has actually called us to; creating a world where children become irrelevant. when a career, traveling & “living your life” become more important than “settling down”, being marriage minded, maturing & trusting in God’s promises; (that what He says is true.) its a sad & detrimental world to live in.
i know this isn’t a popular post, but that’s kind of the point. it’s not about whats wanted to be heard, but what’s needed to be said. i’m not preaching for the sake of “likes” & frankly, neither did Jesus.
people often get it confused. that’s what we do when we try to take life on in our own strength. If you want to go against the status quo, if you don’t want to be a conformist to society- let me tell you, having a godly loving marriage that seeks oneness in a world that promotes selfishness, having faith in GOD in a world that puts faith in money, being FRUITFUL and multiplying in a world that tries to brainwash us into thinking children are annoying & inconvenient, & creating a life that leads to a legacy of truth, love & righteousness is the most groundbreaking, freeing, purposeful STAND you can take.
i’m not speaking to the majority of the population here. i’m speaking to God’s children. and as His children we are called to be a peculiar people. ive been asking myself this a lot lately. am i peculiar or do i just blend in? it calls for a heart evaluation for sure.
dont get me wrong, there are many things in life that are good, but they were never meant to be placed above God’s call for our lives. fleeting happiness will never surpass everlasting joy. not even close, friends

got the cutest pumpkin in the patch 🦊


let me tell ya ‘bout my best friend 🌟

love u. 💕 one day we’re going to be 60+ years old watching harry potter with our grandkids and reciting every line as they giggle at us. it’s gonna be great. #always

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