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sam  three calling birds- wait two calling birds- wait FOUR CALLING BIRDS- hannah

“When I’m the only option they’ll realize how great I am” -Lexi lol all my friends are models then there’s me 😂

rolling into the new year like

Peace out 2018✌🏼 is it just me or did this year fly by.. it seemed a week long😂 this year I got to go to Disney with the besties, and was in LLL (my fave show ever, i think everyone agrees with me) some of my favorite people became angels and I miss them more than i thought possible. I took my first plane ride, went to EFY, and turned 15 there. I went to the lake and became a little more spontaneous. I joined choir (best decision ever) survived quest one, and cut all mah hair off. Pretty eventful I’d say. 2018 was pretty awesome, let’s try to top it. Bring it on, 2019, bring it on.

“We are looking for someone to bow down to; a king of kings.” - the immortal Nicholas (aka favorite Christmas book of all time) I hope that when I pass through the heavenly veil and recognize my savior’s face I will remember the words of my favorite Christmas song, and fall on my knees in gratitude for all he has done for me. Christ was born and he lives. His power and glory evermore proclaim. Merry Christmas everyone. ✨

Happy birthday to the best baby bro and handy man I could ask for. You’ve got the biggest heart and I love you tons. I cannot believe you are 12, you can come to mutual with me now!😱 love you Noah ❤️

Scissors went snip ✂️ swipe to see pics also everyone is saying I look like rapunzel

🎵”he’s the reason why we’re singin” #ocmco Christmas concert was a blast bro.. I sprayed sparkling water all over myself it was great

ok but do you see how real my smile is

So so glad I could go out this morning and “run” (😂) a 5k in honor of Reha’s uncle. He sounds like such a special guy, I only wish I could have met him. It seems like Reha got a whole lot of his goodness inside her; she is awesome❤️ #PPTT2018

Happy 90th to the mouse in the back (ps this took one try)

“My lips are carbonated” hA we went to a haunted house I cried and have lost my vOiCe yAy

Mitchell couldn’t see and I couldn’t walk it was a great combo #bestcostumeever

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