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Saccone-Joly Family.💗  Sabrina liked and commented x1. Anna,Jonathan,Emilia,Eduardo&Alessia. Been watching for 7 years💗


•Anna is such a good role model. •she looks stunning yet again💗 •she is such a good mum •I loved her workout videos from last summer 💗 @annasaccone

•Anna pregnant with Alessia and with Alessia❤️ •she honestly looks so stunning in these both •Alessia is the cutest! •Anna looks flawless everyday 💞 *please tag Anna it would honestly mean the whole entire world ❤️❤️ @annasaccone @annasaccone @annasaccone

•I feel like I haven't posted many pictures of this pretty girl! •but here is the gorgeous girl •Emilia is the politest girl,I know! •she is so sweet and I love this picture 💗 • @jonathanjoly @annasaccone

•Anna can just effortlessly look stunning on a daily basis •her makeup is always flawless! •she is so kind •basically Anna is the perfect role model💗 @jonathanjoly @annasaccone

•Super dad! •Jonathan on Anna's snapchat,changing Alessia. •I don't post him much in here but he is honestly such a good dad!💗 • @annasaccone @jonathanjoly

•How stunning does Anna look oh my goshh 😍. •Her makeup always looks flawless💜. •Little Alessia in the corner aww💗. • @annasaccone @jonathanjoly

•Look how gorgeous Alessia is today! •Her outfit is the cutest today aww😍. •Alessia is the sweetest little baby. She looks so much alike baby Emilia here I think 💗 • @jonathanjoly @annasaccone

•I can't get over how sweet Alessia is! •Who do you think she looks like more,Emilia or Eduardo? •I think a mix of both as Anna said 💗 •she is going to be such a pretty girl like Emilia and Anna💜 and so kind like Eduardo and Jonathan,and Anna and Emilia💜💜

•I love the outfit Alessia is wearing,she looks so adorable in it. She had such a nice wardrobe! •Anna looks gorgeous as always in this💗. •I got this from Anna's snapchat > @asacconejoly 💞 @annasaccone @jonathanjoly

Anna looks so stunning this early in the morning! And Alessia looks so adorable 💗 @annasaccone @jonathanjoly

Aw Eduardo is so sweet. Such a nice photo, this is from Erika's Snapchat! @annasaccone @jonathanjoly @erikasaccone

Paragraph coming up-- I know that this lovely family are getting hate and I just wanted to say how I feel about it. This family does not deserve any hate whatsoever! They are the nicest and most genuine YouTube family around and know how to make anyone's day better. To all the haters saying 'they don't bring their kids up right' or they are doing a bad job,are wrong. Whilst watching these vlogs for seven years,I have picked up they've raised their kids amazingly,and have done the most perfect job imaginable. Whoever hates on them,and says this stuff probably don't even watch the vlogs,or watch the amazing family on a regular basis,whereas all the people who have know that they have done the best job raising their kids and they are the kindest,most inspiring family. *please tag Anna and Jonathan! I would be ever so grateful if they saw this ❤️ @jonathanjoly @annasaccone

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