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It's crazy how our brains can actually wish failure on us. Thoughts like "I'm not going to do well", "I look ugly", "she's not into me", "he's going to cheat on me", "I must have done something wrong", "Im not good enough", "I don't even want to try", "they're mad at me", "I must have said something wrong", "this is going to suck", etc.

Our ego looks for anything at all to bring validation to fear. It is almost as if we want something bad to happen just so we can tell ourselves "see, I told you so. Should have never tried in the first place." This thinking paralyzes us from living; from fully experiencing our moments. We fear letting our guard down and yet we're the ones who place that very fear on our shoulders. It chokes us, tightens us, and robs us of joy.
So what do we do? We acknowledge that no matter what we do, life will be full of fears. We accept this and we move forward. We break through our fears and live.
We become fearless.

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A few hours ago we were sweating under the sun, hiking up a hill. And now...
I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sure I win.


To move forward you must first realize where you are. It is more than just knowing, it is watching, acknowledging, and studying the self. For this, we must have the courage to look into the unknown and welcome the fear that comes with it.

Knowing that fear will never go away, we learn to change the way we see what we fear by meeting fear head on. The only way to move through the fear is to live, and to learn through our living.
More than just thinking it; more than just saying it, we must be it — whatever the "it" may be. To grow and expand, we must live outside the boundaries we set on ourselves; the rules we judge ourselves with.
Forget the rules, rules are of the head. Live through your heart instead. Make mistakes, just never make the same mistake twice.

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And to think, since the beginning of space and time, everything that has ever happened has brought us to be here, now. Stars were born, planets formed, continents shifted, organisms grew, species went extinct, evolution pushed forward, civilizations prospered, empires fell, wars were waged, battles were won, discoveries were made, facts became fiction, time stopped, the world turned, life blossomed, death collected, rebirth continued, and again and again, love was found.


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