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Youtube: Ruby Granger 🍂  🌿Bookworm, Study Enthusiast, Feminist, Vegan🌿 If you click on the link below, you can find my study planner and book ☺️🧡

Last week I had my very first university test and, whilst it was not a full-on exam / essay, I was still rather nervous because I didn’t really know what to expect. As always, however, @quizlet was my number one aid in helping me to learn the core material and, given how much I genuinely love and use their resources, I am (as ever) really happy to say that they are sponsoring this post.
Keeping the habit from A Levels, I have been making sets of digital flashcards over the course of the term which is really convenient for me now that I have started revising. And that is EXACTLY the thing which I love so much about Quizlet -- the fact that it is just so convenient! I can run through my sets on the app anywhere (for example, I like to flick through a set when travelling or waiting for a lecture) and I don't have to run the risk of losing them. In Year 10, when I used paper flashcards, I still remember the massive scare when I lost a whole topic's worth of cards and had to remake them. Writing up flashcards is actually really time-consuming, especially by hand, and so I like to think that Quizlet has made particularly effective use of my revision time.
If you have watched any of my Study With Me videos, you will know how much I love Quizlet and so, if you haven't yet made an account, I would definitely encourage you to take a look :) #ad

What’s your favourite dessert? Regardless of the time of year, I LOVE pumpkin pie 🥧

This is a rather old photo but I wanted to share it anyway! I don’t know why but this photo reminds me of Alice in Wonderland: “curious and curioser”. I think it’s so important that we remain curious to the world and continue to learn new things. Have you learnt about anything new recently? I learnt about the Danish artist Michael Archer in Copenhagen yesterday!

So this last week has possibly been one of the best of my life, mostly because I got to spend much of it with these three AMAZING people. This photo was taken at the @sixteenthtalent Christmas Party (the vlog of which will be going up early tomorrow morning!) which was just such a beautiful evening. I feel SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have such inspiring, friendly and, quite simply, fantastic management 🎄💝

Cosy mornings at home are my favourite ☺️

Possibly the best thing about December is being able to snuggle up with a good book surrounded by Christmas lights... 🎄

How has your December been so far? I’m coming down with a cold but am loving the festive spirit on @uniofexeter campus at the moment! Stay tuned for this evening when Vlogmas Day 1 will be going up (I’m thinking of premiering it too!) 🎄⭐️

I’m back up in London today for a very exciting meeting with three very cool people...

My dad took this photo when I was looking out over the beautiful Lake Windermere in the Lake District. It was under a misty twilight and it was unseasonably cold; I could see pines in the distance and tourists hurriedly trying to return their boats. I think there’s something quite reflective about the nature of this photo. In those moments we spent under the Sublimity of Nature, we become considerate of the future, but are also able to put it into perspective. As students, we can face A LOT of stress and anxiety — now more than ever — and if you have been watching my Instagram stories, you will know that I am pairing up with @EYUKCareers to talk to you a little bit about the job application process and how their new system has been altered to minimise time pressure and boost diversity in new recruits. You might know that EY recently reviewed the application process, launching a new, more simple model which provides feedback at every stage to minimise anxiety amongst applicants. I am so excited to be partnering with EY on this important cause and I look forward to reading your comments on my new YouTube video, which shares more! #ad

I am missing family dinners at home, I’ve got to admit, especially as we draw into the depths of November cold. What’s your favourite meal to eat with your family? We love DIY Mexican wraps!

So yesterday, I was honoured to attend a networking session hosted by @theworldfoodprogramme which is a subsection of the @unitednations dedicated to discussing world hunger and how we can begin to tackle it. It was nothing short of inspiring to hear people’s ideas and talk with the incredible @gladyskyotungire
One thing which we particularly touched on in conversation was modality — how easy is it really for us to donate money and help those who really need our help most? In reality, it’s not always that simple for us to do. However, the app @sharethemeal makes it so much easier and actually more convenient for us to offer our help and make a difference. For just 35p you can feed a starving child FOR A WHOLE DAY. And you can do it with just three clicks. For the last month, I have been in the habit is donating every time that I eat a meal out. It’s now just second nature and, even though it’s only a very small amount, it does add up and it makes a difference — it saves a child! And this NEEDS to be our priority at the moment because THREE MILLION CHILDREN die every year because of a lack of food. The UN wants to solve world hunger by 2030 and, whilst it seems impossible and it will be hard, we can do it!
The studytube community is encouraging you to download the app @sharethemeal and join #teamstudytube (you can search for teams under the people icon on the app). It’s ambitious, but our goal is to donate 10,000 meals as a community and I really do think that we can do it! We can makes difference ☺️xxx

Happy Hallowe’en! 🎃 Coraline is one of my favourite films! What’s your favourite spooky movie?

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