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R O X I E ⚡️J O N E S  Find your tribe, train them hard 🚴🏽‍♀️ | @SOULCYCLE Instructor 💀 | @ToneHouse Coach 💪🏼 | @NASM CPT 🔵 | @OutdoorVoices Ambassador


#DoingThings on a bike this week like Union Square 7pm on a Friday!

Check out the schedule for the week below:

Tues: 9:15am BXVL Bieber + Khalid*, 7:30pm FIDI/
Thurs: 9:15am BXVL #TBT ride*, 7:30pm FIDI/
Fri: 7am FIDI, 5:30pm FIDI, 7pm UNSQ/
Sun: 11:15am BXVL, 12:30pm BXVL/ •••
#FIDI #BXVL #UNSQ #soulcycle #outdoorvoices #OVambassador #OVofficial #calisthenics #croc

Spent the weekend camping out and bonding with my @Tonehouse team. It feels inspiring, motivating to be surrounded by some of the most powerful and knowledgeable athletes I’ve ever met.
They hold me accountable, they push me to be my best on the turf as an athlete but also a coach, and they keep me hungry to learn more.
Can’t wait to coach this week, see you on the turf, athletes!
Check the website for my schedule ⚡️
#ToneHouse #unleashyourinnerathlete #coach #teambootyshorts #ladykiller 📸 @photoherby

A ..ladykiller.. is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. ⚡️🖤🙌🏽
#Ladiesnight #Ladykiller #Tonehouse #Unleashyourinnerathlete

My face when...
A) you ask if you can skip one lap of gallops
B) you grab that lighter sandbag
C) you get up and walk the rest of your runners
D) when you get through the workout because you knew you could do it
You got this - go and get it! Happy F̶r̶i̶d̶a̶y̶ Conditioning day athletes! 😂😂😂
#Fridayfeels #ConditioningDay #coach #myface #tonehouse #unleashyourinnerathlete 📸 @photoherby

Guys, you are the a̶p̶p̶l̶e̶ donut of my eye -
I want to say thank you to everyone that came to train with me this week, everyone that put in song requests, that gave me tips on how to cure my eye infection lol, and for giving it all you had. Love my jobs, love all of you! I’m going to keep giving you all I have so you can be the best version of you •••
#donut #appleofmyeye #gratitude #thursdaythoughts #doingthings #outdoorvoices #ovofficial

“Will jump for doughnuts”
Hope everyone is kicking 🍑 on this hump day!
#doughnutninja #jump #kick #soho #humpday #doinghings

Move down right, down left, smooth like these pants!
Officially day 1 of #TurnItUp, commit to your change, commit to every single ride. Don’t do it to check it off your list to grow your numbers, do it for the progress from each experience ... 29 days to go!
#SoulCycle #Soulstyle #committoyourchange @soulcycle

Roxie Jones here reporting back after a week of taking @careofvitamins! I had a fun time filling out their online survey to figure out what I needed to replenish my body and I feel 2000000x more energized compared to my previous supplement routine - if you’re feeling fatigued or lacking in something like I was a few weeks ago you should consider trying a monthly supply. Use my code “ROXIE50” and get 50% off your order..
Plus, it’s hard to forget your daily dose when it comes in an awesome countertop dispenser and a daily fact on each pack ⚡️💪🏽💊
#careofvitamins #supplements #vitamins #careof

In this kind of weather you need a snuggle-buddy like my furry friend 🐶💕
#DoingThings #Outdoorvoices #dogsofinstagram #goldendoodle #teddy

Find someone to hold you accountable for your goals this week 🦍💪🏽⚡️
#MondayMotivation #Strongissexy #flex #frontdoublebicep 📸 @erikanderson33

When u need that body F L O W as much as you need to try the new @OutdoorVoices new strata set from the studio collection 🔵👕🌊
Flow inspired by @amandabisk! I don’t do yoga very often (you can probably tell lol) but it felt good to move my body at a slower, controlled pace with my breath instead of the fast, explosive movement I usually do. Does anyone want to recommend their favorite yoga class in the city?
Also this track is dope!
#DoingThings #outdoorvoices #SmoothLikeButter #SundayVibes #StudioCollection #yoga #headstand

I’ve been #DoingThings in @OutdoorVoices for some time now and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be doing even more as one of the New York City ambassadors! 🔵💎🙏🏽👕👖
Want to be #DoingThings too? I’m inviting you to use my 10% discount code when you checkout: ROXIE20

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