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R O X I E ⚡️J O N E S  Find your tribe, train them hard 🚴🏽‍♀️ | @SOULCYCLE 💀 | @ToneHouse 💪🏼 | @NASM 🔵 | @OutdoorVoices Ambassador 👙 | @WNBFofficial competitor

Since I can’t go out to eat right now
And I am a serious coffee drinker, my Russian doll @daddydasha and I went on a coffee crawl around BK!
We visited Variety Coffee roasters, Crema espresso, and Champion espresso which had the coolest drink special menu.
Here are my choices of coffee shops if you’re in NYC/ BK

1. La colombe NOHO
2. Kaffe 1668 TRI
3. Toby’s estate BK
4. Birch coffee NOMD
5. Blue bottle BK or FIDI
6. Champion coffee BK
7. Variety roasters BK
8. Stumptown coffee roasters WV
9. The Elk WV
10. CHA CHA matcha SOHO

Starting next week post MDW I will be back to my original home where I taught my first @SoulCycle class, first birthday ride, first doubles at 6 & 7am ever and couldn’t be happier about it

Wednesday: 7am
Friday: 7am
Sunday: 5:30pm

My face when you ask me for an icecream shop recommendations in NYC....

Shoutout to Kelley today who has been taking my class since day 1 in GWCH, about two years now. I’ve seen Kelley’s confidence grow in the years we’ve been riding together from hiding in the back to moving up and delivering a strong ride but also expanding her training to more than just riding. Super proud of her and appreciative of her friendship too! I can’t even count how many friends and family members she’s brought to ride with me including Mrs. Nemchek 😂💕
Keep it up girl 💪🏽🙌🏽

A huge aspect of my training for this sport is mental not just physical. I do half of the training for a living so it’s second nature to workout as much as I do - but the mental battles that I face everyday through anxiety, not being able to sleep well, being cold easily, mood swings, easily disrupted digestion just to name a few, test my willpower and energy.
One thing that has helped me pull through tough moments is reminding myself of small things to look forward to. Yesterday, I thought about the haircut I’m getting this weekend, how delicious my coffee from Kaffe 1668 was, that I’m making another cake for my bff’s birthday, that I booked a trip for post-show to relax, and how AMAZING I felt when I walked on the stage for the first competition.
I made a list of these things and I pull it up when I’m having a hard time. Sometimes we’re just in our own heads being hard on ourselves when we could take some time to look up and see how good things are!

3 days of 80 degrees?! Suns out, booty shorts out! 💅🏽💜 🌸🌝

I really used to hate any upper body training because I was weak.. also I couldn’t do any dips before! Hell I’m still working on it because I’m all about about the legs BUT I started going to upper body day religiously a few years back and saw myself getting stronger... so if you’re not
doing it because you’re weak, let’s get stronger 💪🏽
I’ll be at @ToneHouse UES today for UpperBody Focus today @ 4:15pm and 5:30pm

I switched careers because I wanted to help people and give back but I’ll be real in saying that I get so much back from all of you too. This is what I call a team
#SavageSunday #Sweatycrewcominthru

Looking at my @SoulCycle schedule under renovation, keep your eyes peeled for more downtown studios this summer!
Exciting things coming and a holiday schedule this week:

Mon: 6am NOMD, 9:30am NOHO/
Tues: 9:15am BXVL, 7:30pm FIDI/
Wed: 6am NOMD/
Thurs: 9:15am BXVL, 7:30pm FIDI/
Fri: 8am FIDI, 9:30am SOHO, 4:30pm FIDI/
Sun: 11:15am BXVL, 12:30pm BXVL, 5pm Survivor NOHO/
Mon: 8:30am SOHO, 10:30am FIDI/

I’m not sure if he has IG, but if you see this, Stephen, I’m so proud of you and your progress in my class which I’ve witnessed from the very first ride!
He shyly rode in the back of my GWCH class for awhile until I started seeing him move up closer and he began to hold runs and add in more choreo with every class.
He’s stayed consistent in coming every week and has become more confident in his ride and I can see it in his face when he high fives me after class. I’m a proud coach, thanks for letting me lead you from ride 1!!

Looking forward to coaching and cheering all of our athletes on tomorrow, bring your most savage self!
🦍🦍🦍🦍 When: Saturday, May 19/
Where: Pier 46/
Time: 10:30am women’s events, 2:30pm men’s events. For more details visit the link @tonehouse /

ADD LIB THURSDAY! What are you looking forward to?
Fill in the blank in the comments below: “lookin at _________ like .... “
😛😜😂 here‘s mine:
“Lookin at all the treats in the freezer that you’re going to eat when competition is over in 29 days like...”

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