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رومينا // ℛomina  🦋 Tehran ⇄ California

Post nap hair👼🏼

Shawty look good in da🌙light

🐅It ain’t no we🐅 #srrycouldntchoose

Don’t need u but I might keep u


She wit it👼🏻

New girl, she got an attitude🖤


Makes me sad to think that my younger siblings will grow up in a world where people would rather blame mass shootings on "mental health" issues rather than actually taking steps to make this world a safer place for the younger kids. After yesterday's shooting in Florida, leaving 17 innocent kids and staff faculty dead at the scene, I think it's time more people realize that we need to wake up and do something about this. You might not agree with gun control laws, but this country has lost enough innocent lives due to these legalized firearms being handed out to people who clearly shouldn't have any authority to be armed. My little sister and every other kid deserve a chance to live in a safe world where going to school doesn't terrify them. #guncontrol

Moment I stop havin' fun with it, I'll be done with it⚠️


Time tickin⏳🦋

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