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This time of year is not only my wedding anniversary but also the anniversary of me breaking my neck and back 2 years ago. I shattered two vertebrae, damaged a couple more and had a paralyzed vocal chord.
My surgeon was very optimistic that he would have me walking again. With a lot of physical therapy I was able to walk out of the hospital and go home 3 weeks later. But I had a long road ahead. I had to wear a brace for a year and go through a lot of pain and therapy.
Why am I posting this up? Not to garner sympathy, but to say how my wife never left my side. For 3 months she stayed home from work and waited on me hand and foot. When I didn’t think I could, she told me to keep trying. She has been my rock, and never gave up on me. I am lucky to have such a caring and devoted wife. Happy anniversary my love, and here’s to many more.

Brian Ortega what a class act. Giving glory to god and actually praising the guy he just beat. Is this the UFC I’m watching? Oh and Cyborg scares the hell out of me! @briantcity #onhiswaytothetop

First OCR since a broken back put me on the sidelines for a while. It was tuff, but it feels good to be back. #ocr #terrainrace #notbroken #fightyourfears @terrainracing @good_n_plenty

4 Generations of Veterans. My Great Grandfather, my Grandfather, my Father, and myself. I hope everyone has a great Veterans Day, and remember you are free because of all the veterans that fought for those freedoms. And remember the ones that are no longer with us or that never came home. Remember freedom is not free! Happy Veterans day! #MERICA #America #freedomisnotfree #godblessamerica #military #usa

Really Pandora? On Eagles radio. I think not!

Glad fall is finally here. #hotashelloutside #floridalife #sunshinestate

Finished our liquor wall. That's about 75% of it. You think we might like to drink? #enjoylife #enjoythelittlethings #weliketodrink #mancave

Another legend taken from us too soon. 53 is way too young too die. Was definitely an influence on me in my youth. #tooyoungtodie #wham #georgemichael

Ahhh the life! #camperlife #livingthelife

Patriotism runs deep in my roots. 4 generations of veterans. Happy Veterans Day! Remember those that sacrificed for your freedoms. #veteransday #America #Murcia #freedom

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