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Rani Evers  Surrender to what is ❤️ let go of what was ❤️ have faith in what will be 💃

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content... always awesome hanging out with two of my fav aussies @samtrevaskis & @lexyquayle

I have died & gone to puppy heaven 😍 @kim.peachi don’t be surprised if he goes missing! Even better that he’s a Pom-poo 💩🐶🍩 you’ll be able to follow him on @peachi.personal.training #charlie

The beginning of something amazing 🌺💞 awaiting baby Jodeci’s arrival @telleafualo #babyshower #babyjodeci

You can’t get cheese burger dumplings in Queensland can ya Vera?! 🥟🍔 #drumplings #dumprings #friendship #melbournefood

Put the fun between your legs 🏃‍♀️ #sundayhangovercure #mateship #1000steps #sundayfunday

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice & everything nice... some are made of cheese, wine & everything divine 🥂🧀 #rowsbday #fanny #winebuddies

@adultsthe ... amazing!!! #nzmusic #haja

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Today I woke up feeling a little heavy. A rock in my stomach somewhere I’m trying to identify. This world. This time. Is both so heavy and so bright. I work hard to focus on the bright but sometimes I get rocks in my stomach. Am I doing enough? am I doing it fast enough? What else can I be doing/ should I be doing? And I get wrapped up in this illusion of time that has become such a big part of our culture. This fake idea that the more u do and the faster you do it, the better off you are, the more successful you are, or whatever that is...
So I just wanted to take a moment today to remind myself—and anyone else who may need it:
I am on my own beautiful, unique, amazing journey and every step I take toward my growth, my evolution, working hard and dreaming big — putting my ideas and dreams into action — the more that journey will reveal it’s self in ways that I can’t even imagine.
I have wings and I am flying. Have no doubt. I am creating the masterpiece called my life. Every moment is special. The rocky ones. Even the slow ones. Especially the slow ones. I will enjoy them so I can think and focus and refocus and cherish its bitterness and sweetness. .
Don’t worry so much about tomorrow, the next day, the next thing, and definitely not the past,
This moment and whatever is happening in it is important for me, rocks and all.
I will allow myself to fly and continue to write my destiny. To continue to create my books in stone.
I have wings.✨✨✨✨✨

Sayonara mother f*#ker.... all the best @_amores_d

Spot the adult in this photo... the kids are growing too quick #whena12yearoldistallerthanyou

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