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Queen Emily 👑  Romans 8:1 Jesus is not finished yet.

Today was cool or wateva 🐾

Follow Toby @aye_itstoby he’s the cutest lil guy ever 🐕🐾 and doggos shall rule the world one day becuz of their loyalness and unfailing love. Oh yea and yesterday was his second birthday so happy birthday to him 🎈

A rare good day and a rare smile 🙃

Live a little 🤙🏽 Repost becuz we had some technical difficulties 🙄

1 universe
9 planets
204 countries
809 islands
7 seas
And I had the privilege of meeting you.💙

Pt.2 January 31st,2018
Okay y’all first off today a is very special day ‼️😤 happy birthday to someone that changed my life, never leaves my side,puts up with all of me, with all my burdens and makes them her own, cares about me more than anyone I know, loves me, and is always there for me. I don’t see any friendship like ours, becuz our friendship is real, and deep, emotional, and guided by the lord, and in him nothing will ever fail. “For no word of God will ever fail” -luke 1:37 . *** it’s been 5 years since I’ve known Maria and in those years we have both changed so much, created everlasting memories, shared laughs and tears, good moments and bad. I’ve had the opportunity to see a beautiful girl that’s so talented with the most beautiful voice and the kindest heart, I’ve never met anyone so damn loyal it’s crazy, and this amazing person is MY best friend, I feel so lucky. I’m telling y’all I have no idea where I would stand in my life if she wouldn’t of been there for me all these years. I don’t know who I would be, or where to turn to when I really needed someone. But she was there and that’s the greatest blessing that has been given to me in life. I love ya Maria 😭❤️✨ happy 18th birthday 🎂

Senior year-freshman year ik y’all sad cuz u could’ve seen an extra picture of us i feel ur pain lmao jk but anyway this gurl beside me is the definition of loyalty,love,friendship,family, and I say she pursues a career as a comedian becuz she never fails to make me laugh even in my worst situations. I have so much more to say but what is there to write that no one already knows. I wasn’t provided with a lot but I did get Maria that fills those empty gaps in my life and I’m so very grateful for that . I am a Stronger person becuz of her, I never gave up becuz of her, she stood by my side thru everything and went thru it with me . I wish everyone could experience the friendship we have becuz it’s something so beautiful 💖 whale this is just pt. 1 I’ll finish my chapter book soon . Today marks 5 years of friendship 👏🏽⏳❤️ I love ya 😭

Be you (tifal) 🌷🎀

LaSt PoSt Of 2k17

🌼Focus on the good 🌼

Love is a suicide 🖤

Repost but no drama

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