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Sarah Moore [s'moore]  hi friend! you don't have to ask me twice to go for ice cream & i can't hide my weird. the hubs, pup & i do life in bham, al. photography&calligraphy

i’m currently up way too late because #packing and i’m giggling at nothing because #delerium so here’s a cute pic of aspen and john laughing in the woods because #theycute

just a little joy to brighten your monday! 💕

holy moly - it has been OVER A YEAR since these two got married! what does that mean? i get to flood your feed with their adorableness! cool? cool.

super thankful we’re getting some good sunshine today, but that was not the case for proposal day! but there was no way the rain was stopping these two from celebrating their engagement!

just a closeup of the gorgeousness from Jonathan & Amber’s proposal ✨

one of my favorite things about proposals has to be seeing the reaction! the tears, laughter, shock and whatever combination they come in, are always so sweet! [proposals are my fav, so DM me if you’re proposing soon or know someone who is 😉]

since you got to know a little more about me the other day, i thought i’d also tell ya a little bit about this stud right here 👆🏼. we’ve been together for going on 6 years now (married for about 2 1/2). his favorite color is green, he’s a huge sports fan, and he’s the best doggy dad on the planet. he’s constantly supported my dreams in every way, and offered encouragement whenever i’ve been discouraged. he’s my guy, and i absolutely love having him by my side! 💚

gooood morning! raise your hand if you’ve got beaches on your mind! 🙋🏻‍♀️ i’ll just mentally be here for for a moment, till it’s time to get to work ☺️

hi friends! sarah here - the face behind the camera that takes all of these photos! ☀️
i’ve known for a while that i don’t show up in my feed enough, so i’m here to say hey! 👋🏼 the biggest thing that has holds me back is feeling like i don’t have the perfect photo that won’t “mess up the feed” and i’m kind of rolling my eyes at myself for saying that. 🙄😂 i always tell myself that i need to just keep posting, no matter the latest algorithm shenanigans, and that i should be present so that people know who i am beyond just a photographer! 📷
so here it goes! basically, this summer, you’ll find me near a body of water, with crazy wind-blown hair (not the cute kind), spending time with my people as often as possible. ☀️
i love dark chocolate, iced coffee (no matter what the temperature outside), and going on adventures with my hubs and pup. 💖
this picture isn’t “perfect” and neither am i, but who the heck cares? so here’s to beach days, crazy hair, and just being present!

when you find out there’s steak for dinner

raise your hand if you’re this giddy for the weekend. 🙋🏻‍♀️ i have a busy busy saturday (the good kind of busy) and then nothing on the agenda but REST on sunday! 🙌🏼

up way too late editing michelle photos 🤷🏻‍♀️ she’s too good not to share 🔥🌵

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