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Candace Anne McBride  - Mommy 👩‍👧 est 97’ Snap it before it’s gone 📷 Country roads take ya home 🎵🎶

Always love what you have, in a flash it can become what you had!! 💕 #selflove

You got to love your self ,, before you can love anyone else! 💋#iloveme #loveyourself

Just a day being your mommy , I love you so much my sweet girl , baby you will never know how you made me grow, and showed me what a unconditional love is! Until my last breath I’ll love you 😍

“You’ve been a blessing from the start, my beautiful daughter I love you with all of my heart 💜” #mommysgirl #unconditionallove #mynumberone #mommasyourbiggestfan #unseenbeauty

Early morning cartoons with my princess !! #Mygirl #illholdyourhandforever #mommyandme slow down my heart , you are growing way to fast, mommas heart can’t keep up #ilovehersomuch

“ She’s the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence I could ever possibly write !! “ Babygirl you are my happy place, my saving grace! #mommysgirl #myminime #motherdaughter

“ The elevator to success is out of order.. you’ll have to take the steps, one step at a time “ 💕#lifequotes #loveyourself

Rise above the storm.. and you will see the sunshine!

Life’s what you make of it, so make it the best !! #livingmybestlife #foreverstrong #igotme

“Alone, by herself she built the kingdom she wanted, and achieved everything she ever deserved “ #letgo #alonebuthappy #igotthis

When I count my blessings ,I ALWAYS count you twice! #thankheavenforlittlegirls #blessed #mommasgirl #CalvaryAnne

&& she’s the one I’d lay my on life for!!

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