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What's your favorite BMTH album?.

Comment ❀️ if single
Comment πŸ’– if taken

I want to get my shiz together & turn my life around but I also want to die lol. | QOTD: Are You Single Or Taken? |

I Dare You To Hit Paste In The Comments

If you read this you're cute 😊

Darling being a savage won't fix the hole in your heart

Where are you beans from?
I'm from Texas!

Someone D8 me pls
I'll take you on cute ice cream dates and give you lots of love πŸ’ž

What was the first PTV song you listened to?

❌ Reasons not to date me ❌
1. I'm bad at talking about how I feel
2. I'm clingy AF
3. I get overly hyper
4. you must remind me I'm loved every 5 mins
5. I'm always worried I'll lose you ;-; .
Also I hate myself .

Darling don't cry
I know you're trying
Everything will be alright πŸ’–

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