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Gabriel Picolo  Freelance illustrator and comic artist 🇧🇷 | Full time overthinker 🌵 ✉️ Contact: g.picoloo@gmail.com


“That movie was so bad even you fell asleep”
“Shut up”

#teentitans #raven #beastboy #valentines

Treasure boy 🌙✨
#treasureplanet #disney
No one cares about this movie but it’s one of my all time faves. Jim and his solar surfer were the coolest shit

I’m sketching Starfire’s sister, Black Fire ★
#teentitans #deletelater #wip

Welcome back
#teentitans #dccomics

This Icarus and the Sun cosplay blew me away! 🔥😍😍
#tbt #icarusandthesun #cosplay

Taking some new prints to @japanweekend, Madrid will be the first to see them 👀🇪🇸

The Zodiac Bows and Arrows 🏹

Thanks for your support on the archers series (Only 4 to go)!
What’s your zodiac sign?
#tbt #throwbackthursday

The Zodiac Archers - LIBRA ♎️⚖️

As the saying goes, ‘Justice is blind’, so is the tip of Libra’s arrow. It is meant to end fights; not be part of them.

Sorry for taking so long to update this series! Which archer should be the next, Sagittarius or Pisces? 🤔

I fell in love with a biker girl and a punk boy 🤜🏻💥
I’ve been playing a lot of persona 5 on the holidays so here are some warm ups from this week. Should I draw the other phantom thieves? 🤔

Once upon a December 🎶❄️

“In love, always, even if you’re the wrong person” 🕯🔥

I love when people cosplay my raven and beast boy but these two took it to the next level 💚

Sorry, I can’t resist some gratuitous bbrae 🙈
#teentitans #cosplay #beastboy #raven

My 2017 favorites! ✨
Thank you so much for all the kind support this year, I can’t wait to show you the things I’m preparing for 2018! There’s a graphic novel for Icarus and the Sun coming up, a comic about the zodiac archers and lots more! 🥂💖
I’m curious which one of these you prefer?

🇧🇷Pra comemorar essa semana do #ilustragram, vai rolar um encontro de artistas aqui em São Paulo, nesse domingo, das 13 as 19hs, lá no Beco do Batman (Vila Madalena). Eu e os outros artistas desse projeto estaremos lá pra desenhar e trocar uma ideia, tudo de graça. Vamo?

Ps: quem aparecer de cosplay leva desenho 👀
• 🇺🇸To celebrate the first week of #ilustragram, we’re having a meet and greet tomorrow here in São Paulo, Brazil. Hopefully I can do something like this on another countries next year! 😭💖

Bruce Wayne 🦇🕶
#batman #justiceleague
Based on some requests from my wonder woman drawing! What other characters should I draw on a casual style? 👀

The zine is here 👟✨
I’m opening shippings for Brazil this week, but I’ll need a preorder list for international shipping! How many of you would be interested in getting one?🤔
#teentitans #casualteentitans

🇺🇸Super excited to share this! Starting today until Saturday 12/16, you can be part of the #Ilustragram project! The theme is “illustrate your world” which can be your aesthetics, inspirations, or characters! You can use any media, tradiotinal or digital, and any art style, the only rule is YOU GOTTA POST IT ON YOUR FEED AND SHOW YOUR PROCESS ON YOUR STORIES USING THE TAG #Ilustragram
Me, @imzeferino, @angiensca, @alefvernonart, @rodrigofalco, @marinaviabone and @lionheartedart will pick our favorites for shoutouts/features so do your best! 👀✊🏻
Can’t wait to see your entries! ✨
🇧🇷Começando hoje até esse sábado rola o #ilustragram, um desafio cujo tema é “ilustre seu mundo”. Pode ser teus personagens ou o que te inspira, pode usar o que quiser também! A única regra é postar o desenho e mostrar o processo nos stories usando sempre a hashtag #ilustragram ! Vou escolher alguns pra divulgar no meus stories então bora desenhar! ✍🏼

FIRST DAY IN BRAZIL COMIC CON WAS AWESOME, HERE ARE MY FAVORITE PICS ✨✨✨ Thanks everyone who joined my giveaway!! Winners are the following:

Star Girl: @shazuhime 🚀
Ghost Communication: @looki.e 👻
Lost and Found: @socotoh 👟
Fake witch: @purrfectpal 🔮

I sent you guys a Direct Message to get your shipping addresses! I’m super sorry for having only 4 drawings for the amount of people who joined, but I try to do more giveaways soon 💁🏻‍♂️💖
#ccxp2017 #ccxp #comicconbrazil

Wonder ⭐️
#wonderwoman #justiceleague
Playing around with brushes and textures! What other characters should I draw in a more casual style?

Thanks for 1,4 million followers, still can’t believe these numbers!! I wanted to make another giveaway ever since I reached 1 million people, we’re past 1,4 million so it’s way overdue! 🤷🏻‍♂️
I’m giving away these inktober originals to 4 lucky winners!! 🎉✨ •
To join:
🔹follow @_picolo
🔹repost the drawing you would like to win with the tag #picologiveaway
🔹tag 3 friends in the comments below 👇🏻

Winners gets the drawing of their choosing on December 6th!! You can delete the post after the winners announcement. Oh and I’m shipping internationally! 🌍👍🏻
Good luck everyone 🍀✨
EDIT: Winners are the following:

Star Girl: @shazuhime 🚀
Ghost Communication: @looki.e 👻
Lost and Found: @socotoh 👟
Fake witch: @purrfectpal 🔮

Cover artwork I did for Character Design Quarterly magazine, published by @3dtotal!✨🏹

I had to put the zodiac archers in this somehow so this was one of my favorite illustrations this year!!
Do you recognize which archers are here? 👀
#tbt #throwbackthursday

Here’s the final design of the casual teen titans! Can’t wait to share what I have prepared for them! Which one is your favorite? 👀

#teentitans #raven #beastboy #starfire #cyborg #robin

Girls know best 🌴🌴
#teentitans #starfire #raven

Had a lot of second thoughts but this is gonna be the cover art for my Teen Titans zine! Coming up December 6th!

It was the heat of the moment ✨
#strangerthings #steve #nancy

I met the amazing @mingjuechen at Lucca Comics, Got one of her prints and found this original inside the bag with it! Thank YOU Helen! 🖤

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