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Hannah  I'm using this account again!!! 14❌piano❌guitar❌flute Self-taught :) I take requests Please check out my YouTube channel.

Happy birthday to the amazing @churchy_2001 🎈😘 posted it on the right account this time aha.

⌚️Clocks- Coldplay⌚️ I'm backkk. Finally remembered my password. This was the first song I posted on this account and it was terrible so go back and watch that. The difference is amazing 😂

🌺Just the way you are- Bruno Mars🌺 I put the whole video on YouTube and it would be great if you could check it out. The links on bio. Thanks

Not really sure what this song is but it's the only thing I have filmed and not on my laptop. My mum taught me this piece as a duet when I was 4ish and it was the first actual song I could play so yeah.🌼

I made a YouTube account last week so please check it out. I only have one video but I will be posting soon.🌸

⭐Sparks fly- Taylor Swift⭐ Should I make a YouTube account?

⚓A great big world⚓ for @s_arahxo

🌴Für Elise🌴 I had the music for this piece. I don't really play much classical music so it was really fun. #fürelise #piano #music #selftaught

🐴Dark horse- Katy perry🐴 can't remember who it was for.

🌺Hall of fame🌺 for @eeelllyyysssssseee

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