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Phob.  would u like a side of mental illness with that? //ADL//

Mood changes just like that

Just me n my snacks out for a stroll

Two scoops is too much @chelseanangle

not worth it tbh

Regularly sits in windows to ponder how crinkle cut chips are made

I’m doing gr8 mum, I swear I’m not a mess (thassa lie, but at least I’m surrounded by boobs)

Always say no to Limoncello

Too scattered to think of a witty caption. Help.

Down, baby, down

Evidently, I’ve never been in a vineyard (or the sun) before 🍷

Not a metaphorical rain storm @jiagardiner

I’ll show u mine if you show me urs. ⭐️ BUT HOW COOL WOULD IT BE IF EVERYTHING WAS EQUAL AND NOT OVER SEXUALISED AND WOMEN’S NIPPLES DIDN’T HAVE TO BE CENSORED BC THEY’RE LITERALLY JUST FREAKING NIPS AND NIPS ARE COOL. ((Censor guy’s nips instead. They have much less of a purpose)) 📷 @alexpratt___

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