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Paul Rodriguez  Proud father Ashley

This @cobramotorcycles build is done ✅ @factorybacking came through with the graphics on such a short notice , love the way it came out , My little dude is going to be extremely happy😬 @factorybacking @cobramotorcycles @2strokenation @dirtbikegram @dirtbikevideos @protaper @officialngksparkplugs @ride100percent @race_inc
#cobramotorcycles #cobra50 #factorybacking #bikebuild #likenew #customgraphics

I am just so grateful for having such a loving and warm hearted son , one who always keeps trying to accomplish his personal little goals from reading to going big at the track and won’t give up on what he is set on . I am so appreciative that I found someone who pushes him and loves him just as much as I do ❤️@smashleyadams_, I hope he never loses the caring warm hearted personality and turn into a asshole like dad lol 😂 #my6yearold #vansoldskool #vanskid #btosports #lakeelsinoremx #wellbehaved #manners #goalgetter #iseebigthings #cobra50

I will never in my life lose my faith and not believe in the big guy upstairs, Today I experience the worse feeling ever thinking I had just lost my son in front of me . After running over to him (cause you can’t see over the lips ) I saw that he was perfectly healthy and miraculously not even shaken up I can’t thank God enough for keeping him safe , long story short he wanted to see the track I use to ride and the jumps I use to hit before I knew it I heard his little bike pinned and him sent it wide open off the biggest jump on the pro/main track and the rest was a nightmare , my faith will never be lost I promise you that. 🙏 When I asked him why did he do that ? His response was “ I didn’t want to roll back off the lip “ 😑 *just so you get a idea how big the jump is scroll all the way back to a pic of me jumping it . #hugginghimcloser #thankyougod #miraclesdohappen #sentit #wideopenthrottle #motocrosscrashes not allowing him to even look at these jumps anymore .

Thank you for carrying our child , for protecting our baby and waking up middle of the night because he is putting pressure on your belly and body . Thank you for always putting up with all sorts of discomfort,pains and heartburn for always making sure our baby is safe and loved . It makes me beyond happy when he presses his little hands and feet against your tummy , to see you glow and light up with the biggest smile and joy is a whole different type of Love I’ve never felt. God really knew what he was doing when he picked You to be his mommy, Thank You for being the best mom you can be to both our boys I will for ever hold these memories and love for you in my heart ❤️ I love you Ashley @smashleyadams_ #itsnoteasy #itsnotalwayspretty #appreciationpost #mother #alovesobeautiful

Swipe 👉...This little dude went out and banged bars today ! Sent it off the jump and did not back down from the bigger kids and actually passed a couple 85s today ! So proud of my little guy and how talented he is getting 💯💯👏 #prouddad #elsinoremx #cobramotorcycles #cobra50 #notbackingdown #my6yrold

I will never push/force this little guy into doing something he doesn’t want to do ,I will however support him in everything he wants to do. That being said he decided to stop racing a day before his series started and just ride for fun. Only thing I told him was as long as you are having fun that’s all that matters and no one including myself should ever take that away from you.Go out make awesome memories and have fun on your bike dude . So we went to Elsinore and rode the muddiest tracks instead 😊👊 📸 @smashleyadams_ #allforfun #smiles #gooddays #awesomememes #dowhatyoulove #dontmakemiserable #stillmychamp #mudslide #elsinoremx

The only woman in the world that I can put up with 😂 I love you babe @smashleyadams_ thank you for carrying our little blessing in your belly and for every single day that we spend together . #iloveyou #likereallyreally #beautiful #insideout #mybetterhalf

He didn’t think I was serious when I told him he was going to wash his own bikes 😂 #yougonnalearntoday #responsibilities #cobra50 #pw50 #2classes #sunnydays

I have never in my life had a Christmas as amazing as this year. Thank you to the most amazing woman @smashleyadams_ for making this all happen if it wasn’t for her there wouldn’t be a Christmas tree put up , presents wrapped (they would be unwrapped lol)Christmas lights outside our home and all these amazing memories we have made just alone in the past month and specially today 🙏❤️ . All your boys love you and appreciate you more then you’ll ever know #specialchristmas #bestsweater #memorieslastforever #thingsmoneycantbuy #thankyoulord #thankyoubabymama #weloveyou @smashleyadams_

I am beyond pumped on how this bike came out , someone has been really good this year, does his homework, listens to his parents.Hes pushing his pw50 past it’s limits and now it’s time for a real race bike so 🎅 got him his @cobramotorcycles @cobramotodaily. Big thanks to @bsrtechtalk for building the bike from the ground up and getting her dailed in ! 👊👍 #cobrajr #cobra50 #hookit #christmas #spoiled #lastchristmasasanonlychild #icantwaittoseehisface

To think that in a couple months my son will be born 😍 I can’t get enough of this woman and I just want to give my family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦the best life possible #shetamedthebeast #familyman #mysonsaremyworld #thankyouforbeingyou #thankyouforbeingsogoodtous

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