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Woke up this morning and found my #rockbalance from last night still standing in the middle of the #river which was a pleasant surprise because the lighting was much better this morning. I just had to take a dip in the river right after waking up, which I kinda wanted to do anyway.

I always feel like I'm a #showoff if I do a #handstand so I feel way more comfortable practicing at home. I'm also in love with the lighting and colors there so it makes for good pics. I have been practicing this new variation almost every day now. Its a great shoulder opener and back bend. The more I practice, the more it feels less like trying to do a handstand and more like just simply standing on my hands, sure that probably doesn't sound any different but for me its a huge psychological difference. Normally, I don't want to look like a show off, but I figure I cant even do a #lotus yet, so is it really even showing off? Its all relative, we all have different bodies some things take people longer than others. I still practice #halflotus every day and have no idea if or when I will ever hold a #fulllotus

Last minute #rockbalance at dusk on the #mckenzierivertrail down next to a thundering #waterfall

#rockbalance on the #mckenzieriver by our campsite.

Little afternoon #rockbalance and #meditation in #Crestline

I love living in #Crestline I can #hike and #rockbalance at #heartrock right after work whenever I want now.

New #rockbalance for my new #yoga #space the #zenden lets just hope it doesn't fall and injure me or my @yogadesignlab #yogamat ...Sorry @don_juliov I'm borrowing your stone bowl, hope you don't mind.

Had a great Saturday #rollerblading at our private #miniramp #session @crobtography got some great shots of everyone. We had a #bbq and our budy Sage tried to #jiujitsu us all after. #goodtimes #suckerbladersroll

I always get distracted by the beauty of #havasupai and forget to #rockbalance but not this time. Squeezed in this simple #balance at #havasufalls

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