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25th August – 22nd September 2018
Venue : 454/278-281 Chan Rd., Bangkok
Opening: 25th August 2018 from 13.00 - 20.00 pm
454/278-281 was a house, a home, someone lived here, a ghost of yesteryears. The decisions and dilemmas of past familial life are embedded within the physical structure. An architectural exquisite corpse, the house has been remodeled and redecorated, sections added and sections erased with no apparent logic, nor any consideration for overall aesthetic harmony. The space is now a shell of what it used to be: vacant and waiting. It was left in an unfinished state after a brief attempt to revive both the house and a marriage which began and ended there. In this exhibition, the participating artists are invited to set up works/stage an intervention that corresponds to the space and the idea of the building itself as a creature of many creators.
Participating Artist: Danielle Brown, Komtouch Napattaloong, Miti Ruangkritya, Pam Virada, Punch Viratmalee
This exhibition is part of Bangkok Biennial 2018 @bangkokbiennial -
For further information of access please contact:
(VERY limited parking space)


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memory palace, 2018 #multipleplanes photo by @atitsornsongkram

memory palace, 2018 #multipleplanes photo by @atitsornsongkram

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