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Paige Spiranac  💁🏼‍♀️ OG Insta golf girl 👻 Snapchat: paige_spiranac 📧 Business Inquiries: hello@paigespiranac.com

Got so many messages about my hat yesterday! It’s @gfore🙌🏻 I have it in black, white, and grey. I put the link in my bio so it’s easy for you to find it. Also they have a discount code USA10 for 10% off which makes me happy because I love golf, making birdies and discounts😂 #prayingforbirdies

I’ve been dying to do this ever since I bought this shirt😂 Also this is going to be my everyday outfit until the Ryder Cup is over🙌🏻 And since I know you’re going to ask...hat is from @gfore👏🏻 and shirt is @foreplaypod🤗
Also if you don’t know this meme then we can’t be friends 😂 @foreplaypod @barstoolsports @gfore @contrachloe @rydercupusa #america #tiger #goat #prayforbirdies

Ask a question below and I’ll try to respond to as many as I can! 🤗

Had an amazing time out at the @bmwchamps today! I took over the @bmw_golfsport account so you can go there to check out my day! Excited to see who is going to win. Who do you think will win? #bmw

You guys know I love golf, but some of you probably didn’t know that I’m a huge football fan too. Both my parents are from Pittsburgh so I love my Steelers! Which is why I’m hosting a fantasy football contest with FanDuel this week where the winner will get $500 and a signed football from Jerome Bettis! Check the link in my bio and stories to play - there’s $4,500 in total prizes, other autographed footballs for finishing in the Top 10, and a personalized gift from me for finishing in the Top 25! Plus one lucky new user will win a cool FanDuel gift bag - good luck! #fantasyfootball #FanDuel

Fun fact- I always wear this beanie for every Steelers game for good luck. It hasn’t worked so much the last couple years but this is the year!

Cruising down the streets on my skateboard🎶 #mallgrabonpoint
Edit- Yes I know it’s not an actual skateboard. Yes I know I’m holding it wrong. Yes I know you think I’m a poser. Yes I know how to actually ride it. Yes I know you’re better than me.

😁 hi👋🏻

Hi🤗 Happy Sunday! Any fun plans today?

I’ve always been a feel player. I’m not very mechanical with my game. I like to see the shot, feel the shot, then hit it. I prefer controlled shots with an abbreviated follow through. This shot was about 110 yards. I hit a punch pitching wedge at about 80%. This is a great shot under pressure or when it’s windy. What’s your favorite shot to hit? ☺️ PS I did fix my divot!

Morning hike✔️
Happy and healthy✔️✔️

The preshot routine is very important to setting yourself up to hitting a great shot! Here’s mine-

1. Check the lie, check the wind, then calculate the yardage based on all the variables
2. Pick club and take a practice swing feeling how I want to hit the shot
3. Stand behind the ball, visualize the shot I want to hit, and controlled breathing (3 seconds in, 3 seconds out)
4. Walk up with confidence
5. Hit shot and then hope it all works out😂 #tuesdaytips

✨Positivity challenge of the day! Tag someone you know and leave them a compliment. Or respond to a random person in this comment section to say something nice!✨
I always thought that actions speak louder than words. I stopped posting about my charitable efforts and limited speaking out against issues that mean a lot to me because I felt it was more important to actually make it happen instead of just post about it. But yesterday I used my voice to speak out against body shaming and received so many amazing messages. I want to start taking just at least one day a week to share some positivity online. I feel it’s my responsibility as an ambassador for Cybersmile to use my platform to help and hopefully create some change! I think at times I can be a bit of a hypocrite when I preach self love and being who you want to be yet sometimes I’m scared to post something like this because people won’t “like it.” So here’s me standing by what I said earlier. Actions speak louder than words.
And lastly, thank you so much for all the messages and comments yesterday. It means more than you will ever know💕you motivate me to be better. #loveyourself #selflove #bekind

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