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Céci: Since you two are to close, you should know each other’s secret right?
Chanyeol: Sehun is very eloquent. He doesn’t talk much on tv so many people don’t know that. He’s actually really good at talking and has a lot of sense. If he practices more, he’ll shine for sure. He’s also one of the funniest members.

Céci: Sehun, you should know Chanyeol’s secret too right?
Sehun: He surprisingly feels like an older brother, you can say he’s a really responsible older brother. He looks like the type to care a lot about money, but often pays for the members’ meals. He’s the type of person who’s willing to spend money [on others].
Céci: Do you pay for the members’ meals because you feel like an older brother?
Chanyeol: I don’t mind paying for the members’ meals.
Sehun: Chanyeol hyung sometimes spends too much money for us which makes me think ‘what if his economic senses are slowly disappearing?’ But of course for us, it’s always a good thing to get free food. *laughs*

Q&A Céci Exclusive Interview: Chayeol and Sehun

Céci: Amongst the members, is it true that you guys are best friends?
Chanyeol: Us?
Ceci: Is it not true? Do you remember the first time you guys met?
Chanyeol: When we first met, Sehun was only a kid. I remember saying “ah such a cute kid.”
Sehun: Chanyeol hyung looked a little like a rebellious kid, but I still liked him *laughs* After we met, I felt that we could get along.

Céci: How did you guys become close?
Chanyeol: We entered the company at around the same time. We’ve been close since we were trainees.
Sehun: I’m the sunbae. I entered the company three months earlier. *laughs*
Chanyeol: That’s right, so I always called him “Sehun Sunbae”. Our routes home are about the same, so we’d take the bus and the subway together. We spent a lot more time together than we do with other trainees.

Sehun 😍 credit : @justseventeenthings

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