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Ilse Catherine Hall🇩🇪  music, people, jesus, and cafe louisa lover || sc: cat_babyy || au ‘23

all smiles for a sunday funday :)

great day, until i got killed in assassins 🤧 #anangelwouldvesparedme #lunchwasgoodtho #besties

ok sorry but i can’t get over these pictures

panda panda panda panda panda panda

@marydashgates thanks for making me feel so beautiful. you are an angel sent from heaven above. I LOVE YOU! - everyone get a MG - be prepared for many posts to come :-)

didn’t quite feel spooky today, but im rockin everyday with these girls by my side! 🧡 #amirlyincostume #spookyszn #rockergirl #rockinforjesus #froomie

what an amazing and beautiful experience last night was. i cannot even formulate the words to describe the feeling of emotion that i went through. in this moment, i could really feel the presence of God right next to me. he was singing with me, he was wrapping his arms around me, and spreading his word throughout the whole congregation. there was an impact last night, and this experience will go down as one of my favorite nights to memorialize. i have found my calling, and i cannot wait to continue to chase the king of my heart.

happy thanksgiving

bekah said war eagle!!! 👀🧡 #froomies? #bamafan #betterinorangenblue


dedicated auburn shhhhisters here! ☁️🤩

alexa play bittersweet symphony by the verve 🤧 #sorryrepost #ijustreceivedmorepics #donthateme

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