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I am so excited for my friend @thesoulfrequency who’s book release is TODAY! 🙌✨ check out what she has to say about it:
OMG!! SEP 19TH!!! I can’t believe you're here…

This crazy wonderful day that has been on my calendar forever!

I cannot help but think back to a few years ago…

When life was feeling a little discombobulated.

I had given up a lot. I was juggling a lot. Redefining a lot.
Basically, everything felt like A LOT!

At the time, as I looked back on my life, I felt like I had mostly done the right things, played my cards right, dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s.

But, man, this wasn’t it.

I had this amazing life and yet, it wasn’t it.

There was something else. That thing you can’t put your finger on.

And that thing… kept trying to entice me out of my comfort zone and towards the unknown.
I resisted like crazy!
Fought every single ounce of the way – for REAL!

But eventually, I began to follow my heart…a little at first and then more.

Reluctantly, in fear at times, in excitement, and in full faith and trust that where I was eventually being led, would finally feel right to me.

And here is what I learned along the way…

Our intuition holds a powerful roadmap if we are willing to listen to it.

We can choose a new set of experiences anytime. We are only as stuck as we keep ourselves.

And everything truly great is created from LOVE + TRUTH.

Today is a big moment for me.

So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me celebrate the energy and intention of this book and what it has meant in my life.

I hope it finds its way into your heart.


1 book.

4 bonus gifts.

Life transformed. >>>Thank you to the incredible human beings tagged who made sure I showed up each day to do the work, who lent their great advice, skill, friendship and who helped make creating this book and sharing this book possible. I am humbled and deeply touched that I know you all and I love you! Please forgive me with anyone that I missed and those who are not on FB - you know who you are and I love ya! <<<

I had something happen that upset me today... When it first happened I was surprised but calm... then as I thought about it I became confused trying to figure out where it came from... then it festered and I became mad as hell 🤬 and then back around to feeling hurt 😔... Basically I went through ALL the humans emotions just like these quotes above convey... LOL... Then I came across the last one.... I know it is the way I “should” be and the perspective I should have but quite frankly the human side is pissed off & hurt... Choosing LOVE and not taking things personal is not always easy, actually it seems to be the most difficult in the moment, but I also know it will inevitably be the easiest and most peaceful path... So even though I may install a heavy bag in my garage 🥊 I am working on choosing LOVE 💗 and PEACE ✌️ and practicing knowing that everything is happening FOR ME not AGAINST ME while allowing space for what will be ✨⏳✨

My pull-up attempts 🤦‍♀️😂 New Personal Goal to get at least 5 😩😫🤬 PS that is NOT me breathing heavy, it’s the guy in the background... 😬😜

#Repost @lisabianco_fads ❤️LOVE THIS ❤️

“The best things in life are the people you Love, the places you Go and the memories you Make” Memories * Maui * Moments

Whether Democrat or Republican you can’t help but have honor and respect for McCain... He truly embodied Patriotism and a passion for democracy, something we could all learn from-

“We have nothing to lose and a World to see”
Vegas * LaJolla * Cincinnati ...nothing but endless possibilities and a bright future ahead... thank you for making memories with me with many more to come... ❤️🙏🏝 #Growth #Change #SS #Orchids #Travel #Love #Memories #Time #Future #Countdown #Beach #Yellowstone #MorningWalks #Life #Rona 😂..... 🦁🏝✈️

💜 HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER SAVANNAH 💜 You have been my daughter, my friend and my travel partner... From Kenya, Greece, Italy, Tanzania, Mexico, Uganda and soccer tournaments all over we have gotten to explore this World 🌎 together and make amazing memories... now you are spreading your wings and creating your own world and I am so proud of you... You are beautiful, dedicated, strong, determined, smart, self assured and strong willed... along with kind, thoughtful and giving... I can’t wait to watch your next chapter unfold 💜😚👩‍👧

Looking through quotes for my daughters 19th BDay I had a hard time. They were all about little girls and dress up and then came this one... and this is Savannah... She relays on her own sword, even when going against me... she is fearless and does not back down to anything or anyone... and if you aren’t on her bad side (lol) she has a huge heart and is so thoughtful and kind... Her is to you Savannah, one very determined independent Woman 💜👩‍👧💜

#Memories... Just got our pics from our Cincinnati trip and seeing Yanni... Grew up to listening to him with my parents and his music is even more incredible in person... incredible artist... Thank you babe for and incredible weekend and a memory we won’t forget... “SoulStuck Saturday”... 😂

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