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Nina  Adds verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.


A day with these fine people is a day well spent (even if I did shatter my phone trying to get this selfie)!

New favorite! This place is great - definitely check it out if you're in the neighborhood!

This time last year, I had the great honor of sitting in the US chair in the General Assembly hall during the Commission on the Status of Women. This year, the Trump Administration has selected C-Fam, an organization designated as a hate group, to represent the US. Disappointing, and a scary reminder of how fast things change. Much love to all the fabulous women, from the US and all over the world, who are fighting for women's rights at the UN this week (and every week)! #tbt #throwback

Dreams still live here (for the time being, at least...).

Not such a good run tonight. Long day at work, bitter cold outside. Watch recorded run incorrectly, so had a brief moment of thinking I set a huge PR before reality kicked in. However, got it done - 7ish miles, 1:15ish minutes. Half treadmill and half on the streets of NYC. Now: defrosting, and then cereal for dinner!

Guys, all my 17.3 pics are as unflattering as hell. Squat snatches and chest to bar pull-ups do not a glamour shot make. But I'm sooo proud of all the snatching and pull-uping that I did today, so I'm posting it anyway! Thanks @hawxhulc for being an awesome judge/workout buddy, and @doorley for the photos and moral support! #17point3 is #oneanddone !

These are the days of miracle and wonder. #iruntopaulsimon

Thursday throwback to the time I made a friend on a Copenhagen trampoline!

An unexpected moment of Secaucus beauty. #homewardbound #scenesfromamovingtrain

When I was an undergrad, Samantha Power's book Problem from Hell helped push me toward the human rights field. I met her in the late 2000s, speaking about Sergio Vieira de Mello and why the UN is important. Super special to hear her speak tonight on human rights, women's rights, and why these things we believe in will outlast the hate and narrowness of the Trump Administration at the @intlwomen annual dinner!

Every time I run, I find myself more and more impressed by actual runners! Today's run felt terrible - legs are still fried from 17.2 on Friday. Pace was way off my target, and the hills felt like the apocalypse. But I did it, and I'm trying to keep the faith that this will get a bit better instead of feeling frustrated by slow progress. Happy Sunday runday, friends!

These two. ❤️❤️

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