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  Mama to a little ass kicker🖤 I don't always draw but when I do it's the twd ✏🎬🏹🌲🔥🧟‍♀️☠🏚


Me at everything that's happening to the fandom #RIP best show ever..
#twd please don't go out like a chump finish strong or else my face will be stuck like Dale's indefinitely

That's a wrap🎬

If they actually listened to Carl 🙌😄🧚

The REAL big bad is @ogg_steven 😈 #Simon#twd#drawing#fanart#stevenogg

“It was all for you. Right from the start. Back in Atlanta. The farm. Everything I did, it was for you … it still is. It’s gonna be.”
If you guys saw my story you know that getting to this point was an ordeal 😆 it's not perfect by a longshot.. I don't like how it looks from far away but this was a PROCESS. And I just enjoyed having a pencil back in my hand period!!!! It was therapeutic to draw Carl again even though I'm still depressed. It helped! 🙏✨ And if you see this @chandlerriggs5 thank you for being the one and only Carl Grimes love you and glad you're alive irl 👏❤️

Welcome to the club! 🙌😭❤️

Some of my favorite drawings were those of Carl. Such a pleasure to watch you grow up on screen and to draw your character. You were the core to the Grimes family from the very beginning, to Rick and his mission to always keep you safe! Lori tried to protect you the best she could and she died telling you that you would beat this world but you didn't. Instead you went out a hero and made me ugly cry like a baby last night. Thanks. Well played @chandlerriggs5

My eyes are puffy and hurt from crying gn

Me all day everyday w Emma✨ .
she is 9months now. Walking dead comes back on 25th Feb, cool. why is January the longest damn month? "I miss drawing" is the understatement of the year. I feel like my page is a flower and it's been dead for so long just sitting there not gettin water nor sun bout to disintegrate from the slightest touch. By the time I draw again I will have to relearn everything 😂😭 ugh just wanted to put that out there. If you read this comment what youre eating for dinner tonight


Last year's drawing of carlPop.. Kinda still hasn't sunk in.😞 I think my heart's been broken by TWD so many times it's kinda numb to any more pain! 😩 Definitely feels like an end of an era though😔#twd#fanart#chandlerriggs#carlgrimes#fam
I always thought he'd eventually get a haircut and people would be so happy, then maybe him and Enid would skip off in the sunset💥💕🤠🙆 ugh..

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