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Natali A. Castillo  Human giraffe🦒 Skin + Wellness Nerd Tea drinking my way through LA

We can’t change our physical appearance but we can enhance what we have!
So let me tell you about my favorite little products that will make you feel like the lavish human that you are!💫
A couple months ago I discovered these gems that bring my skin back to life every single time!
✔️ @lancomeofficial mask: put them in the fridge and apply for 30 min and watch magic happen. I like to use them at night before my moisturizer.
✔️ @skyniceland firming eye gels: the name says it all. It’s like a cup of water for your under eyes...instantly hydrates and rejuvenates the eye area.
Let me know if you try them! 💌

I might be the lamest human alive but all I wanted to do for my birthday was to buy a new book and eat some ice cream. I worked all day so I guess I’ll be doing that tomorrow!
Ready to make some of my wildest dreams come true!
Twenty-six, please be good to me! 💫

Happy Saturday, earthlings! 💛
Bloating sucks, I get it. Last year I was still trying to figure out why I was constantly bloated all of the damn time. Anything I ate or even a glass of water made my tummy hurt! It was uncomfortable and I flaked on a lot of people because I just felt gross. The reason I share all of this is because I’ve struggled with my health/gut in the past and not a lot of people are open about their struggles. So here I am, paying it forward being real.
💡digestive enzymes: help break down fat, fiber and protein. The older you get, the fewer digestive enzymes your body produces. They can dramatically improve symptoms like bloating and tummy pain. Again, I’m no doctor but these are my essentials! I take them every single day before my main meals and I feel great! They’ve improved my digestion so much! These two are my favorite + papaya. Hope this helps! Remember, you are what you digest! Your gut is your second brain so take care of it. 💫

If you’re not wearing your Halloween sweater throughout the year, what are you doing?! ☠️
💡Too much exercise is actually bad for your overall health. Studies show that over-exercising increases inflammation and might affect your gut. Walking is incredible! It is my favorite form of cardio and it keeps me slim. Growing up, I thought I had to do 1 hour of cardio to lose weight. Well, wrong! Strength training, minimal cardio and real food will get you to your goals.
5am workouts consist of sleep walking + strength training.
Have an incredible day! 💛

Back in college, my brain fog and gut health were horrible. Going to the restroom EVERYDAY is sooo important! TMI but it’s true.💡
Now, my energy is insane and I don’t even drink coffee.💫
🌤AM routine: instead of reaching for coffee, drink warm water with lemon. Then, have a green juice with celery. The hydrochloric acid will help you with bloating, digestion and inflammation. Sometimes, I add spirulina. Then I have matcha with collagen. but I’ll make a different post on that but for now, the basics!
🌘PM: instead of reaching for an unhealthy Starbucks drink, I make a power protein smoothie. It’s light but filling and the caffeine in cacao gives me enough energy to last me all night. This has plant based protein, almond milk, cacao powder and nibs, cinnamon, sea salt, maca + chia seeds. Instead of banana, I add a splash of coconut water to lower the sugar content. But I do add blueberries because #brainfood. 🦋

Came for groceries but instead I left with five pumpkins and a chocolate bar. 🎃🍂

If you don’t understand what I’m saying, “Happy Saturday, if you work today you got this and if you don’t have an ice cream or two in my honor.” Chocking on cinnamon towards the end was the cherry on top.

I’m really tall and awkward. But I’m really nice I promise! 💛

I drink this every single morning after my warm water with lemon. Hydrate!
@hawaiianspirulina, celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon. 🌿💛
This is medicine in a cup!
In case you’re wondering, I did brush my hair after this. Happy Monday, go win!

I was losing my mind because a child threw his Simpsons donut on the floor and stepped on it. Someone whispered, “maybe he is gluten free.” I’m still laughing + confused. The nerve! 🍩

Pearly whites 🐚
Keeping it chic and majestic. ✨
Color: Funny Bunny by @opi

I live by this! 💫
Do not use a flaw or imperfection on your body as a way to identify yourself. This life thing? You’re doing great! Keep evolving, earthlings! I believe in you. 🙌🏽
”No matter what your body’s appearance is on the outer level, beyond the outer form it is an intensely alive energy field” - Eckhart Tolle 💌

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