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Natalia Horinkova  Photographer OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Sometimes slowing down and taking it all in, is exactly what one needs. I have been traveling around the 🌍 for the past 2-3 years non stop. Such an amazing experience- I have hoped from one place to another, from one project on to the next one, but sometimes forgetting to just inhale it all in. All those amazing places I have been to!
Sitting in the bed for the past few days, I scrolled through some of my work that I have just dismissed for well, who knows what reason.... Here is a photo of two guys simply just enjoying a talk somewhere between Nosy Be and Nosy Komba, Madagascar 2016
Enjoy! 🙌🏼 #olympusinspired

Beautiful @ayakhnina 🍍
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you gorgeous mamas out there. (And to those to become one soon 😉 💛)
#happymothersday #diadamãe

A picture from Paje beach in Zanzibar, showing the traditional with the new. A seaweed farmer working while kitesurfers are enjoying the wind of this perfect place.
#thisisafrica #zanzibarlife #lonelyplanet

Happy Earth day folks! In an honour of this day and with an opening of a sustainable hostel here in Lisbon, my prints from Greenland will be on a display at @impacthouse_impactrip #lisbon
Rising sea levels are widely considered to be the greatest threat posed by climate change. And even though, the interior temperature of an iceberg is between -15 and -20 degrees Celsius, as temperatures warm up, summer melting increases. This adds to sea levels rising faster now than in the previous century. Estimates believe that a loss of just 1% of the Greenland ice cap would result in a sea level rise of 6cm.
Project supported by @olympus_au, now can be seen here in Portugal #olympusinspired #earthday2018 #earthday

From our morning swim in the waters of Zanzibar 2017
Summer here in Portugal is about to start. Better weather, longer days and some amazing swims to come.

Portrait of school band in Zambia.
Despite the fact that their instruments weren’t new and half broken, they played with such an enthusiasm and every kid and teacher in the school was up on their feet and dancing.
#olympus_inspired #zambia #thisisafrica

People often ask me why I moved to Portugal. I mean, look at this, can you blame me? Plus is the closest to Africa I can ever get 😉
I have been getting lots of PM with some amazing questions and I am working on Q & A for my story, so stay tuned. Drop a line or message of you have any question related to my photography and traveling. #olympusinspired #passionpassport

Portrait from Kenya/ Mombasa 2016
Arriving to the beach as a group of girls, within a second, we had behind us all ‘the beach boys’.
This local legend made sure no one was bothering us and kept the distance. We made small conversation and shared our coconut and water with him. He walked us up and down and when revisiting the beach next day, he waited for us with a smile.
#mombasa #kenya #thisisafrica #olympusinspired #olympus_portraits

Easily a highlight of last year. An epic adventure in Greenland with @olympus_au. If you haven’t read my blog post yet, give it a go. The link can be found in my bio.
#olympusinspired #olympus #natgeoyourshot

Nairobi, Kenya 2016.
Taking some time off from traveling and revisiting some of my most favourite places via my archives. #olympusinspired #kenya #thisisafrica

Fishermen in Sri Lanka, catching some 🐟 before the sun goes down on Sunday evening. #srilanka #olympusinspired

He offered us a fresh coconut when we were watching the sunrise. We offered him our papaya and he sat next to us in silence eating. We exchange smiles and I asked him for a photo. Thank you Sri Lanka for your beautiful people 🙏🏼 #srilanka #olympus #olympusinspired #passionpassport

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