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Natalia Horinkova  photographer / documenting people & places / Olympus Australia /


One for the weekend!☀️🌴 Taking a boat to sand bank near Zanzibar is always a good idea. Thank you @nazyxo for a beautiful day on the sea and fun in the sand
#zanzibar #thisisafrica #drone #mytinyatlasclimate

Dancing with the locals, wishing I had their moves.
#zanzibar #gopro #underwaterworld #thisisafrica

A seaweed farmer getting a ride back to shallow waters after a long day of work.
Zanzibar, Tanzania 2017

#zanzibar #thisisafrica #minimalist #DJI #mytinyatlasclimate

Nasrin- a little mermaid in her bahari kingdom.
#zanzibar #thisisafrica #underthesea #gopro

Taking a bath in Zanzibar.
When the tide is a low and nowhere to swim, you find your self a boat with a rain water in 😂
#zanzibar #thisisafrica #tanzania #africa

I have seen many of these in red before. As we walked with @nazyxo through low tide, they shine like a little diamonds. Collecting them and bringing them into a deeper waters so they don’t dry out.
#pajebeach #zanzibar #thisiafrica #ocean #starfish #tanzania

Baharia - sailor.
Thank you for the photo @nazyxo and the years of friendship. Miss you dearly my friend!
#zanzibar #thisisafrica #africa

SUP taxi in Zanzibar. Gave a lift to these two while they were on their way to octopus hunting at the reef. Happy Friday kids!
#gopro #zanzibar #thisisafrica

Snow or snowy white beaches of Zanzibar?! Shot with a drone during my latest trip last month.
#zanzibar #dronestagram #mytinyatlasclimate

The fact is that earth has experienced global warming before. The earth went through global changes such as a long period of ice and long period of warmth. These were trigged naturally, by the sun and by how it’s light reached Earth’s surface.
However, since the 18th century, as we are powering our modern life, we are releasing heat-trapping gases called greenhouse gases which are staying in the atmosphere from a few years up to thousands of years, warming up our planet and ‘thickening up the Earth’s blanket.
Two of the biggest issues are the raising acidity of oceans and the melting of glaciers.
You can read my blog about Greenland through link in my bio.
#olympusinspired #greenland

Hi, it’s me 👋🏼 My blog post from Greenland is finally up! I talk about my time spent in Greenland and how I see the issue of global warming.
You can read it now on my web site (link in my profile)
Big fat thank you to @olympus_au for making my dreams come true.
#olympusinspired #greenland

Picture of local artists and their art they make here from deer antlers:
1.) Frederiksen working on a piece with his drill.
2.) Karl showing me a new pair of antlers he just bought and telling me which part he will use for what
The guys are really nice here at the art shop and spend lots of hours working away on their art, but certainly don't mind a bit of nosey visitor
#olympusinspired #greenland #greenlandpioneer

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