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Aaaaaafrica! This smile to you might only be a photo. To me, it brings back happy memories of hanging under the tree in the village after a bike ride. Kids surrounding you from all directions, even hanging from the trees. Just watching us talking or reading a book. Being curious.
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I have recently read somewhere that official figures show Malawi to have 90% water supply coverage, but the reality is far lower than that. I have seen some broken pumps and also drying wells. In the village we were staying the well was so dry that one bucket would be filled and you had to wait for 30 min to fill up a next one.
This can result in to people reaching out for unsafe water, or walking further for water than one should do. Missing on school or falling sick. No one should get sick because the water is too far.
I have seen people walking crazy distances and I saw how bicycle could change ones life (cutting their route half). We biked through Malawi not to just raise money for better health outreach of Malawians, but to understand the daily troubles they go through. I can't say I understand it 100%, but I do have a better understanding and I want to share it with you all. To not only be thankful for what you have but to help if you can. I hope you still can donate your coffee or pocket money to a great cause. Link is in my bio. 'Zikomo' thank you in Chichewa.
#rideonepulse #malawiexpedition2017 #partnersinhealth

Baby in a bucket waiting to have bath 😍 TIA or This Is Africa ❤️ Photographed during our home visits with @ride_onepulse in Malawi
#rideonepulse #malawiexpedition2017

Dzina langa ndini Natalia, ndipo dikubalasa njinga Malawi munu" (excuse my written Chichewa) but it says:
"My name is Natalia and I am riding a bicyckle around Malawi"
Meeting Malawians along my way and exchanging a few words had been a great experience and fun. It would bring a smile to their face (sometimes even a laughter)
#malawiexpedition2017 #rideonepulse

You can take a girl out of Africa but you will never take Africa out of my heart!
A picture I took on our visit of Liwonde National Park here in Malawi. We were quietly watching a herd of elephants, when a truck with people passed by and he got aware of the situation and let us know that he is in charge. Minute later he was again back to his business, munching on bushes surrounding him.
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Women in Malawi just rarely own bikes. We spoke to one who said they know how to ride them but the men usually own bikes.
We biked 800miles/ 1287km around Malawi and I have seen only a handful of women riding themselves. Here is to all strong women out there.
I respect, admire and celebrate you!
#malawiexpedition2017 #rideonepulse

Riding through Malawi on a bike has allowed me to see places and moments that I would have missed if I sit in a car.
Here is a picture of local women waking their clothes in a river.
#malawiexpedition2017 #rideonepulse

My fav moments while we ride around Malawi? The people I get to meet and let me to photograph them. The smile on their face when I show them their photo is priceless. Thanks for having me @ride_onepulse on this expedition. Yo want to see more? Follow their Instagram to see us riding bikes and meeting more locals
#ride_onepulse #malawiexpedition2017 #olympusinspired

On our day off from riding, we visited hospital a few local clinics and district hospitals. Learning about health care in Malawi and what are people struggling with the most. The biggest problem is lack of medication and of course the distances they have to travel.
This is why we are here. Help us to reach the goal and support healthcare in Malawi. Visit the link my bio to learn more:
Bike distance update: 1086km/ 675miles I can't believe we went around the country on bikes 💪🏼 #partnersinhealth #rideonepulse #malawiexpedition2017 #olympusinspired

It has been real pleasure meeting all the locals who ran to us because they saw us in the national newspaper of Malawi. They recognise us because of our @ride_onepulse tshirts.
Layson (a man pictured here) came to us when we were bicycling and wanted to meet us to say what an incredible job we are doing. He spoke about their nearest hospital (which is 5miles/8km away through the hills) some of their pregnant women will not make by foot in time. He said they built a new hospital closer to them but don't have the funds to open it.
We are working closely with @partnersinhealth to change what we can this time around. Come and join us. You can donate as little as $5 and change lives of Malawians. Link to the donation page, through my bio.
#malawiexpedition2017 #rideonepulse #partnersinhealth

Handmade and homemade bows and arrows. The kids used sticks and bottle caps to create their own arrows. We spent hours playing with them at our camp, shooting them in to the air.
#thisisafrica #malawi #malawiexpedition2017 #rideonepulse

The gifts we get from locals. Fish from lake Malawi drying on top of our truck and later to be grilled over the fire 🔥TIA - This Is Africa. #thisisafrica #malawi
#malawiexpedition2017 #rideonepulse

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