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#MEGSSPRING 🦋🌼🐞🌈🐝🌷🌱⛅  Nail painting muggle. 💅🎨💕 Stamping is my jam 😄 Repost 》Give FULL credit ⬇️Join Julep👍

Simple St. Patrick's Day design 🍀
@kbshimmer • Fir Sure
@bundlemonster • BM-H04
@essiepolish • Good As Gold
#_nailsbymeg #stparticksnails

@moyou_london • Mix & Match 09
@zoyanailpolish • Dove
@julepbeauty • Lilou
#_nailsbymeg #megsspring

Aquamarine for #clairestelle8march
I swear it's under there somewhere.
@julepbeauty • Aquarius
@chinaglazeofficial • Harmony
@bundlemonster • Optical Illusion
@bornprettyamazon2018 BP-L084 and clear stamper
Get them here: ASIN:B074L2KX6L ➡ www.amazon.com/dp/B074L2KX6L
#_nailsbymeg #megsspring #prsample

Phoenix for #clairestelle8march
⬅️SWIPE➡️ for more
@zoyanailpolish • Destiny and Ember
@bundlemonster • BM-410
@julepbeauty • Alexandra
Cheeky stamping plate CH31
#_nailsbymeg #megshpnails

Unicorns for #clairestelle8march
using @bornprettyamazon2018 BP-L088 and clear stamper. Get them here: ASIN:B074L2KX6L ➡ www.amazon.com/dp/B074L2KX6L
@moyou_london • Princess 17
@kbshimmer • Pearls Gone Wild
#_nailsbymeg #unicornnails

Have you ever tried fresh picked raspberries? I have and they are AH-mazing! I created this mani using @bornprettyamazon2018 Fruit BP-X45 plate and clear stamper. You can get them here: ASIN:B074L2KX6L ➡ www.amazon.com/dp/B074L2KX6L
@kbshimmer • Look High And Holo
@julepbeauty • Manda
@chinaglazeofficial • In The Near Fuchsia
#_nailsbymeg #megsspring #prsample

Can it be spring already?🌼
@julepbeauty • Karin
@bornprettystore • BP-L084 & clear stamper
#_nailsbymeg #megsspring

Did this mani with a different base color 3 years ago. Decided to recreate it using @sally_hansen • Pacific Blue, the original. Not that new crap color they put out a few years back.
@opi_products • I Snow You Love Me

Chevron /\/\/\/
@chinaglazeofficial • Take A Hike
@linanailartsupplies • Feeling Shapely! 01
@essiepolish • No Place Like Chrome, Good As Gold, Penny Talk
@pueencosmetics HD Chunky Transparent Stamper

❤Happy Valentine's Day❤
@zoyanailpolish • Chyna
MASH plate 54
@pueencosmetics • Pure White and HD Chunky Transparent Stamper
#_nailsbymeg #megsvalentine #mynailsandmysocks

@bornprettystore • BPL-023 & clear stamper
@zoyanailpolish • Blaze
@colorclubnaillacquer • Halo-graphic, Miss Bliss, and Cloud Nine
@essiepolish • No Place Like Chrome
#_nailsbymeg #megsvalentine #prsample

"...I want your love." 💖
@chinaglazeofficial • You're A Mane-iac and Songbird Serenade
@moyou_london • Festive 40
#_nailsbymeg #megsvalentine #chinaglazemylittlepony

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