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Don't Cry, Craft  Fancy fandom trash basically😁


Dan has uploaded a new video and I can't watch it cos I'm at bday party asvdjfhdhdhd. Also since Wednesday I started listening to bts, and I rly rly like em, like I watch vids bout em all day long the last 5 days

Happy happy birthday Benedict <3 You're such a great person and ily so much, I hope u have a spectacular day surrounded by the people who love u

Yep! Arya is so awesome I can't even #got #aryastark

I bingewatched the 3rd season of haikyu and omg it was so perfect, I cried twice in the last ep, and start watching anime was such a great choice #haikyu

Me: Okay I'm just gonna watch 1 episode of haikyu it's 2 in the morning I have to sleep. *finishes the entire season and sleeps 4hours later*
Though the last 5 episodes I just couldn't not watch they were so intense
BTW those scenes were hilarious #haikyu

Me rn bc I have a headache and I want to sleep desperately but I can't #mycroft

Me while listening to Yuri on ice ost, I mean my feels, I could barely handle it, cause everything would flood back, all the thoughts and feelings and moments Yuri had and just aaargh 💔I need the second season rn #yoi

I remember losing my shit when this happened! Honestly u should all watch this anime, it's gold #yoi

Yall I bingewatched Yuri today, and oh dear God, this anime has blessed my existence, it's so perfect I can't even, and Victor with Yuri R now my otp , and Fuck Yeah it's Canon, I mean how often does this happen? It's the first time a ship of mine is Canon, and it's the greatest thing in the world #yurionice #victor

Hey everyone, I bought and I'm so happy rn, finally I'm free


Yaaas😍 btw I'm listening to wonder woman's soundtrack RN and its rly rly rly RLY good #wonderwoman #galgadot #stevetrevor #chrispine #wolverine #hughjackman #sebstan #bucky #captainamerica #chrisevans #isthatpeggycarter?

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