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Don't Cry, Craft  Fancy fandom trash basically😁



Yaaas😍 btw I'm listening to wonder woman's soundtrack RN and its rly rly rly RLY good #wonderwoman #galgadot #stevetrevor #chrispine #wolverine #hughjackman #sebstan #bucky #captainamerica #chrisevans #isthatpeggycarter?

Hey everyone I watched wonder woman last night and omg it was so good ,I adored it, it was great you should all watch it #wonderwoman #galgadot #dc

Waz uuup ppl?

One exam left FINALLY and then summer and I can read tons of books and watck series and go to the beach all the time fuck yeah ,I also have ordered the Ravenclaw edition of the sorceres stone and I'm so excited

Ι might watch potc 5 tomorrow and I'm losing my mind from the hype ,I'm taking biology exam in the morning and I haven't studied shit,and heck I wont study now cos all ik thinking bout is potc so I'm just gon leave the 44 pages to study 3hours before the tests cos fuck that shit ,potc is life ( though I rly need to study it will affect my grade I hope I'll make it and study everything in the morning) #babygroot

I want to watch potc 5 so bad ,but I promised my sister to watch it with her and I have to wait till 16th of June and I already seen spoilers #potc5 #hagrid #chewie

Happy happy birthday to our beloved and talented Sir Ian Mckellen ,thank u for giving life to amazing characters ,and for being a great man ,hope Ian has a great day❤❤ #ianmckellen

GoT new season is gonna be epic AF, the trailer had me screaming #gameofthrones #got #drogon

I have studied like only 2pages of trigonometry all day long. #fuckinalgebra #dingit

Ι still haven't studied shit

Algebra exam tomorrow ,and I rly have to write a decent mark bc the teacher gave me 18 at the grades ,so now I have to write good in order not for her to be embarrassed #fuckindammit

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