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Don't Cry, Craft  Fancy fandom trash basically😁


Happy happy birthday to our beloved and talented Sir Ian Mckellen ,thank u for giving life to amazing characters ,and for being a great man ,hope Ian has a great day❤❤ #ianmckellen

GoT new season is gonna be epic AF, the trailer had me screaming #gameofthrones #got #drogon

I have studied like only 2pages of trigonometry all day long. #fuckinalgebra #dingit

Ι still haven't studied shit

Algebra exam tomorrow ,and I rly have to write a decent mark bc the teacher gave me 18 at the grades ,so now I have to write good in order not for her to be embarrassed #fuckindammit

I finished yesterday reading the 1st harry potter illustrated edition and it was great ,I took some great photos with my mom's phone cause I couldn't find mine,and guess what? For some bloody reason I can't find them 😠 and it ws one of the good book photos I have ever taken😒 #harrypotter #deatheaters

Guess what! I'm having a chemistry exam in 12hours and I haven't studied shit , so I'm just gonna sleep and try not to leave everything to the last 2hours and panic #starwars #countdooku

I have 3weeks of exams, including this one, 13more subjects and zero fucks to give #ship #otp

I have to study for my exam tomorrow but I can't focus bc I can't stop thinking about the wizarding world #merlin #arthurpendragon

Its so hot over here I can't handle it and its only May what am I gonna do in August? #starwars

I'm so incredibly bored ,i should go to sleep but oh dear I'm bored to even move #snoke #starwars

*trying to find a caption* #aragorn

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