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Don't Cry, Craft  Idk anymore, just trash basically

Happy New year yall, hope 2018 will be better, so much better

Okay so my Sister took my phone im so sorry u had to witness that, She was just talking revenge anyway yeah that, sorry

Its five in the morning and i regret everything

All-nighter coming right at you, also Holy shit my account has almost turned into a kpop one

I haven't slept in two days, I don't even know how much I studied the last 24hours like I've lost count, I started on midnight and I took the ancient Greek test in like five in the afternoon, and then I spend three hours writing, I'm also out of memes, and I've only eaten four pieces of cake all day long and some Maltesers, and it's midnight again but hey I watched thor ragnarok and it was fucking great

Big ass jumpers r the coolest shit

This yoonmin fucking fanfic is destroying me, why tf did I restarted reading fanfic again? Like I was fine, and now I have to curl up in a bowl all the time #thankskate

Tbt to some old ass memes I found yesterday, also I found this account on Tumblr with Latin memes and just BLESS

I was going to search up and find some other memes but I have so many bts related pic that I just didn't bothered. I also have so SO SO much studying to do honestly, the only way to make it is to only sleep 5hours per day during this week in order to make it and write good at the history test this Saturday, I also caught a cold but I can't skip school so yeah, how fantastic

I'm so proud of Dan for opening up about this, and it really means a lot to so many people, if anyone struggles with mental illness I sincerely hope you're going to get better, and just know that you are valid and there are people around you who love you, and I agree with Dan about how important it is to open up to someone you trust, for me it has helped out a lot with some issues I struggled in the past, and just know it GETS BETTER #worldmentalhealthday

How come and my screenshots ended up being only with bts? Like honestly these r the last ones that I have that aren't bts related, also kpop lightsticks r awesome af

How do I fit 6 hours of studying in 3 hours? Also why do I have so many bts memes?

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