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M ٭ S  *found something outside of neverland* trust the chaos* Santa Barbara - Chicago

But he lies like I lied, but my lies were sweeter

Golden aura, golden glow.

Same shit different day

Fun fact my o.g partner in crime will b blessing me with her presence in Chicago in a few weeks.... little do y’all know how it gets with the two of us 💕

Save that talk for the ones who don’t know no better

The thing about being home is that nothing has changed but at the same time everything has. Life’s moved on so have I but this place will always have my heart

See ya soon sb

Why can’t life always be this easy

Finally feelin like summer

Tonight’s full moon has me all in the feels

Happy birthday to my incredible brother, your energy is magnetic and lights up the world around you. I’m truly blessed to be your big sis I love you so much 💕

Like as if....

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