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Monique Coleman  Actress 🎬 Advocate ✊🏾Believer in young people ♥️ Allstate Foundation #GoodStartsYoung 🌎 #GirlUp Champion 💕 Occasional athlete 💪🏾Founder @gimmemotalk

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There’s nothing I love more than supporting the next generation of change-makers!! Today, my young friend Tori captured my photo for her school project “Heroes Around Us” ☺️ Being in entertainment, I get my photo taken a lot, but this was extra special!! Witnessing the spark of a budding artist recognizing their talent & inner brilliance brings me JOY!•

If you want to change the world, invest in young people! Help them unlock their potential. The future of humanity depends on it ♥️ #goodstartsyoung

You can always be brave. You can always be kind. These things are better 🙏🏾

I‘m obsessed with @22daysnutrition plant-based, low sugar protein bars. I feel vegan strong 💪🏾🌱 with this clean protein formula. Enjoy 25% off your entire purchase using my code MONIQUE, this week only! Follow them for yummy recipes 😋


Teach me your ways @jaylahs_world 👑 .
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Fighting teaches me how to be with present with pain + move through discomfort (and it’s really f-ing FUN) 🥊 Thx for letting me come play @noah_fleder #wonderpanther #blackwoman 😉 #fightlikeagirl

They say abs are made in the kitchen.....📸 @olesyarulin .
🌱 @22daysnutrition is not only #plantbased #vegan #organic #soyfree #glutenfree #nongmo + packed with nutrients, it’s also DELICIOUS!! Don’t believe me, try it for yourself!! Use my code MONIQUE for 10% off across their website #happyishealthy ♥️ 22daysnutrition.com #22daysnutrition #22daysrevolution

We all want to level up, but are we willing to address the parts of ourselves that may need to change in order to do so?! Are you willing to have difficult conversations, revisit old wounds - and actually work to heal them. Can you endure the inevitable growing pains that come with taking a huge leap?? Or replace parts of your personality that you believe “make you who you are” for something that better supports “who you could be”? I wish growth was as simple as becoming aware of what needs to change & then witnessing it magically happen. But it’s not. Growth is confronting , uncomfortable, and at times deeply painful. What if.....everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for? Wouldn’t that make it all worth it??!!•

If you want results, you can’t skip the work!! It will be hard. And, that’s the point. I wouldn’t want to go to a Dr who didn’t finish the program because it got too tough. Why would life pass us to the next level without having us taking a test?! •

Take a look at any area you need to face + trust that you are divinely supported in changing/growing. As you take steps toward your destiny, you will be met with everything you’ve ever truly wanted. And, you’ll have the confidence to keep it, because you know you worked for it!

Through #WEVolunteerNow, youth use their voices and their 💪🏾 to change our world and show that #GoodStartsYoung. And, that is truly amazing!

Watch the #WEDay Special on ABC on August 17 at 8 pm ET to see young leaders lead volunteer projects that address the causes most important to them.

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It’s always such an honor speaking to young people who are leading social change around the world! Today, I celebrated #InternationalYouthDay @huntercollege with amazing #changemakers @theyouthassembly Supporting young people is my purpose. I’m in awe of their innovative ideas & tireless efforts to make a positive impact on the planet. My hope for humanity rests in the hands of our youth. It’s a privilege to serve them in any way I can 🌏♥️🙌🏾 #goodstartsyoung .
Go to my story for highlights from my speech ✨

In 1 Week, @AllstateFDN sponsored WE Day Special airs at 8 pm ET on ABC! #ad As a #GoodStartsYoung Ambassador, I’m SO proud to join The Allstate Foundation to celebrate the power of young people to change the world through service 🙌🏾♥️🌏

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