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Moee  💪🏽 - 😗💨 - ✈️ - 🤓 - ✌🏽️

3 visits in 5 weeks got me feeling a combination of 😫/😍/😭/🤗/😵. Hopefully fitfamgram can resume in earnest after this week 🙏🏽. #EmoticonsAreARealAlternativeToTalkingAboutYourFeelingsRight #WhenPeopleSpeakToMeWithoutUsingEmoticonsImLikeAreYouOkay🤔 #DoYouNeedAHug🤗

When you out-angle yourself, and look bigger than you actually normally try and make yourself look, so now anything is possible 🙄🤔. #NewLevelsOfProud #MondayMotivation

TeamTinyWrists 😭😭. #WeightedPullUpsFtReallyKindLighting

The London Eye subtly dressed in Labour red to remind you to vote for Jezza tomorrow. #MindGames #Labour #VoteLabour #GE2017

I can't quite remember but I think that looks like 20kg dumbbells, so I'm kinda impressing myself at this point 🙄🙏🏽. #HaveIMentionedThatItsRamadanAndIMissBicepCurls #ItsFineImTotallyOkayWithTheSkinnyLife 😭😭😭notrly😭😭😭

I actually managed 0 sets of 0 reps on this buttt it looked like a good idea so that's mostly what counts if you think about it 🙄💡. #ThatIsTheFaceOfSomeoneThatsReallyTryingButUnderstandsTheFutilityOfItAll #TakingPartCountsAlsoRighttt

**Story** so I know it looks like I was enjoying a sunset stroll along the beach but here is what actually happened - *Moe steps out of the office, crosses the road (narrowly escaping psycho motorbike taxi, who wasn't even sorry 🤔😏), takes a picture, then goes back inside to work.* #FORTHEGRAM #StoriesHaveToBeInThirdPersonSorry

Continuing the unnecessary banded compound movement story line; banded deficit deadlifts 😎. #iMayHaveJustMadeThatExerciseNameUpButWhattev #ThisPicOfPreExerciseLookedBetterThanTheActualExerciseItselfSoz

Long day ft. Two shishas, stripy socks & artificial flowers. #OutNow #MyCowboyNameWouldBeTwoSheeshMoey 😎

When it's Ramadan so you can't go to the gym, but God got your back by putting giant watermelons on this earth so you can get a little pump ✊🏽🍉👊🏽. #Spiritual

Banded bicep squat curls 😎. #ThatsAThingOkay #Magic

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