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Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor  Capturing adventure. Based in Wollongong, Australia. Photographer at:


On the hunt for crays through one of the local cave systems with @sandra_dohring. Sandra introduced me to this spot a few days a go and I must admit I'm pretty hooked on the otherworldly formations and colours down here. The ocean is fiiiine indead.

Sunset dives with @sandra_dohring to cap off a long week. After a few weeks of the flu it's so nice to be freediving again. With it getting dark we didn't have much time but checked out some stellar caves and got rushed by some of the fattest salmon I've ever seen. Definitely bringing the spear our next time! Happy days.

@dave.hoyle stepping into the brilliant rock of Twentieth Century Fox. Grampians National Park, Australia.

@romanwh0 levitating on the teeny tiny holds of Academia, 31/5.13d. @dave.hoyle giving a standout belay too!

@key_ah moving up into the final moves of the well named Corner From Heaven, Mt Alexandra. This was just her third lead climb! Awesome to watch her confidence grow. Mad props 👊

For the past 6 weeks I've been training with the Wollongong Freedivers to help with my spearfishing and breathe hold photography. Slowly noticing improvements on that front but most importantly I've been getting loads out of the psyched locals. It's so motivating to have a good crew of people keen for a dive. Big props to @sandra_dohring and @hilary.robyn for stoking the fire 🔥🐟

Campfires, caves and misty mountains. Just what the soul needs. Long weekend dreaming with @coraliejf.

They say Tasmania has some of the cleanest water in the world. @hayden.griffith topping up his bottle with some pure Tassie H2O from the creek adjoining Cutting Camp. The campsite puts you in quick striking distance of Bechervaise Plateau, the base camp for summiting Federation Peak (also commonly used for sitting/cooking/sleeping/reading in the tent while it rains).

This was the scene of when our big mistake sunk in. The terrible error. The grand blunder. The mega cockup. Day 1. The day we hiked up the wrong mountain. For 5 hours. We’d been misled by a totem pole of fluro tape markers wrapped around a tree, indicating a track to the left. That track had taken us well on our way to another peak, Mount Bobs. With a clear view of our goal, Federation Peak, on the horizon and the valley floor we should have been racing along situated far below us we faced a difficult decision. Change our goal and go all the way to Bobs? Return to the car and choose a shorter hike? Return to the junction, accepting that we’d lost an entire day and start again tomorrow? Not wanting to face the reality of our situation, it was time for a comforting consolation chai latte. Can’t beat a cuppa when things get a bit hard. We eventually opted for the final option. Tomorrow we’d try again.

A few days a go I returned from a whirlwind trip down to Tas to have a crack at getting out to Federation Peak. It was honestly the most heinous experience I’ve ever had in the outdoors. It was wet. Cold. Steep. Slick. Mud. So so much mud. However, it was also some of the most amazing mountain landscape I’ve seen in Australia. Federation Peak had been on my mind for years. As a climber I was drawn to getting a glimpse of Australias longest climbing route, ’Blade Ridge’, a line that follows some 600m from valley floor to the exposed peak. The expedition had been loosely planned out a few days before starting by photographer legends @hayden.griffith and @timclark1. With tales of a truly shithouse “track”, cold and wet weather systems lined up to submerge Tas for the entire week and the history of deaths and epics on the peak, we weren’t really surprised that we had a legitimately fucked up time. Many many times we considered bailing. This adventure wasn’t glamourous. Maybe that just made it an adventure of a purer kind. Yeah. Let’s go with that. Pure adventure. Tassie style. Stay posted for the atrocities.

Burning stubble on the turn of the season.

@tiger_arkf with a little kingy from back when he was cool and fun and didn't study all the time 😉

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