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Kings Mom💙 


she had an attitude in the summa but she being nice again 💋

I’m 21 with a 2 year old if you would have told me at 18 that I would be a mother before I was even 23 I would have laughed and told you to fuck off. When I found out I was expecting I thought I’d have the fairytale ending that I’d marry my high school sweetheart have all his babies and live happily ever after... life didn’t work out that way for me, and for the last year I’ve struggled emotionally, mentally and everything in between trying to figure out how I was going to pick up the pieces. If it wasn’t for my son I truly believe I would have been broken. See being a mother gives you this power you almost feel invincible like as long as your child loves you unconditionally there’s nothing you can’t do. I know everyone says this about their kid(s) lol but my son is my definition of PERFECTION, although he drives me insane and stresses me out almost everyday he never fails to pick me up when I feel my head about to fall. So no matter what life throws my way I may bend but I’ll never break and I owe it to you, King you don’t know this yet but you saved my life❤️ #gettingemotionalgoingthroughhispictures #suchacrybaby



Big ass head

Sitting pretty #bestfriendgoals #lasvegas

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