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Jolynn Min • 민유인 • 闵九儿  "What values will there be in life, if we were not together." -Jane Austen

We look like a fancam of a celebrity walking out from the airport and me being the assistant be like, "excuse me, please give way. Omg don't squeeze." 🌚✨

睡不着就是想发自拍。고민이 많아요. 제일 고민은 졸업 한 후에 어디에 갈 수 있지 모르겠어요. Pre-graduation anxiety. 🌪


My bottom line is cat — Meow ~ 🦁

你知道不知道你遇见我是你三生三世修来的福气。Endured 300 days of your annoyance already. 🌚

生命中的许多东西是可遇不可求,刻意强求的得不到,而不曾被期待的往往会不期而至。✨ ... 但我仍然希望能早日康复 🙃

🤦🏻‍♀️Selling my boyfriend away for urgent cash. Price negotiable. Selling away because he always make me angry. 😗 ❗️Red stage behind not included. ❗️
Specifications: 📝
1) eat a lot and eat too much. But he will bring you around to eat a lot tgt, and eat whatever you want. As long as you crave for, he will drive down to send you the food asap. 💁🏻
2) Fat, and still getting fatter. But can always be your flabby cushion that you will addicted to, pinch his fats whenever you like. Hugging him feels much nicer than your most expensive pillow. 💁🏻
3) Cares about you, and cares too much until he always get angry easily at you. He will therefore always guai lan you and scold you for spending too much but still give you the money to buy the things that you love. 💁🏻 PM me if you are interest, i'll make sure you never get close to him again. 🌚

我很高兴能够在我分身乏术的时候还能和你们一起走到了最后。真高兴我坚持下来了。谢谢 @dominicwong_____dehua 导演的包容和配合我的时间,谢谢 @x_yix 把我带进了这个剧组,谢谢 @sherraineyq 总在我走音的时候帮我cover过去了,谢谢 @josephkyx 以及所有的幕后工作人员。能够遇到如此欢乐的团队去一起完成这个作品真的是很难能可贵。✨

和你在一起之后,我终于知道我的歌声有多难听了 🤣☺️🤣 超喜欢你美丽的歌声,最后两曲歌都快把我感动哭了。你的小粉丝又+1 了 😚😚

Perfect 👌🏻 完美谢幕~

👏🏻Tonight's premiere showcase is so awesome!!! 😆 I'm so glad that everything went so well and smooth, and did not leave any regrets on stage. 🙏🏻 🙈

We still have 2 more shows to go tomorrow, 22 July at 3 30pm and 7 30pm, please come and support us!! And its still not too late to purchase your tickets from sistics, or contact me!! 😆😆😊☺️😘


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