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Jolynn Min • 민유인 • 闵九儿  "What values will there be in life, if we were not together." -Jane Austen


One more day to our performance, get your tickets from sistics now! 😻
Its a musical theatre play, with a combination of modern days and ancient times. All music and songs are original composed by our director, scripted and acted by our director tooooo!!! 👉🏻 @dominicwong_____dehua . 😻😻😻 PLEASEEEEEE COME DOWN TO SUPPORT US!!!

🙋🏻When i asked my boyfriend to take a photo of me. What i expect 👸🏼 VS What he actually took 🤡. 🌚🌚🌚...

나의 통통한 남자친구. My fat boyfriend. 🐷❤️🦁9th and keep going ~ 🏃🏻玲珑骰子安红豆,入骨相思知不知。✨

Wish i can turn back time, to the moment i was born.

하나부터 열까지 ✨🌝

Not sure what kind of skirt i was wearing 🙃

Act as best friend with my best friend in a film about best friends. 👩‍❤️‍👩 @angela77sq



Date your date for a date. 🐰

오늘은 나모 석가모니 불 의 열반 날 입니다. 🙏🏻😊Happy Vesak Day!

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