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Awwww yis

On a dark dessert highway // Cool wind in my hair


Part II of the Japan trip on Exposure is up!

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Check out my first post on Exposure.co - Part I of the recent trip to Japan.
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On a separate note, after the first post on Exposure, I'm starting to like it's sleek and easy to use interface. It's free with limitations; a good medium to try around before committing to the full fledged version. We'll see how it goes!

Bergetar tulang rusuk...

Thai night tonight #🇹🇭

The classic combination – ice kacang built from cincau, atapchi, sweet corn and a good spoonful of red beans (always requesting for extras); drizzled with rose syrup, gula melaka and a hefty load of condensed milk. The atapchi and red beans provide the right texture to bite through the slushy ice; the syrup and milk providing the sweetness and a nice colour palette to the plain ice. The taste and portion have always been consistent, even from the days from hawking from a stall along the back walls of Swatow Lane.

Storm's Coming