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Cats Are Better Than Dogs  🐈Gotta nab a good meme🐈If you see (🌑c)it means Original Creator

Maybe I'll get myself expelled--I've never been more depressed. It sounds like I'm a edgy teen attempting to fit and get attention, but I feel like I have no one to talk to so I'll just vent here

I just bought two airsoft pistols


4 posts in a day 👏

Like people call me things and they think I don't care and that I'm fine with it but in reality I'm having breakdowns and anxiety attacks. I know this is a meme account and everything but I need to get this off my mind, but this account is dying anyways. So who even cares anymore.

Love fridley sm <3 So degrading 😩👍

Don't you love it when one of your only friends calls you retarted and is a hypocrite about anything but you stay by them because you have practically no one else and you'd feel completely alone and hopeless if you didn't and you're slowly loosing all your friends? Love that ❤️

Everyone go follow @official.snek right now. He was deleted and he's a really nice guy. Go do it now.

I lost 4 followers. Fantastic.

I'm getting a white rat soon


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