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Jes Stine  Not your average mom. @ckreepyoh 💘 Theodore 🧒🏻

It’s been a while and I’ve been wearing this hat more than I should. I’m overdue to see my girl @mosieboyle #halp #rbf

You gotta do what you gotta do. 🌿🦍

Here’s to 27. 🍳🥞 #HB2ME

Happy Father’s day to @ckreepyoh. The guy who gets up at horrible hours in the morning to go to work to make sure that we are provided for, and even though you eat my leftovers and drive me crazy sometimes, I love you and appreciate you. Thanks for helping me raise this small squish. #happydadsday #perfectdadsday

This woman right here is my everything. She raised my sister and I as a single mother, left an unstable marriage, worked graveyard shifts at the hospital just so we could have everything we need, all while showing us with unconditional love. We’ve been in some rough spots together as a family, but I cant say there is anyone that I admire more in the world than her. She’s the most amazing Grammy to Teddy and is my true blue! Words can’t even begin to describe the love I have for her! Happy Mother’s Day, mama!!! #mamallama #loveyourmother #HMD #stitchfixcelebrates #contest

One of us is teething, and the other one is having a meltdown. P.s. I’m the one teething. My wisdom teeth have decided to make a guest appearance as of yesterday. 💸 #teddydarling #headachecity #toddlerlife

🚗💨 vroom, vroom! #birthdayboy #cars #teddyturns2

Two years ago we welcomed this sweet angel into the world. I love you endlessly Theodore James! My Tiger Pie for life! 🐯#happybirthdayteddy #mybabyistwo #postpartum


Oh, I didn’t see you there. Just letting everyone know that I’m alive and well. Started a new job a couple months ago, Teddy stopped napping and I’m trying to plan a Cars themed 2nd birthday party. All while trying to stay hydrated and keep myself fed. I think my blood is 85% coffee by now. #sendbeans #hotbeanwater #helpimalive #newhairwhodis

A literal angel in his natural habitat. 👼🏻#teddydarling #angelbb #smollumberjack

I swear I’m having a good time. 🍩 #voodoodonuts #keepportlandweird #teddydarling

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