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Maverick  Facts about me: 1. I am spoodle 2. I am gold 3. I love cuddles 4. I don't like birds 5. I love being around my family Make that button green💚

I really want to go outside but I need to look handsome for Annie and Lilah!

😴😴 update: Maverick very tired and still recovering from anaesthetic. We had a cone put on his head to protect him from biting stitches.

I am having a huge day today. I have taken a visit to the Vet as I need to be nuited. I was very cheeky in the vet; I did a wee in the room right before the vet took me. I tried running away😁. I can't wait to be back with my family. #spoodle #surgery #vettime

Shoutout to this cute dog!!😀🐶🐶

The 'head in a tilt, paw up' kinda move😎 #spoodle

I got a new toy!!

My first day without my brothers and sister #spoodle #loveithere

A photo from my first bath here #spoodle #bathsareok

After a crazy day at rugby and playing out the back I thinks it's time for a rest💤

I'm such a cat.....well it's just I love sleeping

Chilling with my butterfly pillow pet and watching see Dad Run

I love my new family

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