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Matt Spivey  I'm the skateboarder/photographer guy you probably overheard your friends tolerating

When your CC is A1 💎

"Everything you see exists together, in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures-- from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope." 🦁

I spent Friday in a car, facing fierce winds, and genuinely smiling. In this instant it felt like I saw everything, and I was happy.

@danpajerski @danpajerski @danpajerski
When you're with @danpajerski during golden hour, hanging out in a parking lot becomes "insta-worthy"

everything I do is disappointing so I leave it up to pals like @slim__dunc to make me look better

Thanks again for the edit, dog

☎️two phones☎️ taken by the endlessly talented @dadam.15

(This is a skate post so scroll through if it's not your thing)
Out with the old-ish... Ok I know it's a pretty hard thing to ignore, but putting aside the defiant sole, the @nbnumeric 344's were one of the better shoes I've skated. They look good on foot even after being worn and skated for around 3 months, and they never tore through the upper or tread. I never had to dig out my Shoe Goo or change any laces, so for the most part they held their own. The boardfeel the 344s offer are second to none, but definitely invest in insoles if you intend on jumping down anything more than 4 stairs.
All in all, if glue had been used a little more liberally during manufacturing, and a couple extra bucks were put into insole quality, New Balance would have themselves a tech masterpiece.
The glaring issue that is the sole has made me a little dubious of the newer 345's (pictured behind), but I'm still excited to put them to work.

so happy I have someone to be disappointed in @krissinickel with 💞💞💞 Happy anniversary and late Valentine's Day @dadam.15

I would like to take a moment to brag on @dadam.15 's behalf.

He's only been shooting consistently for a little over a month and after seeing some of these shots he took for some friends, I'm already intimidated by how good he is.
Keep it up Adam, I'm super proud of you! You might have to give me some pointers soon ❤

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