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The Wise Counsel 

Think about it...no other superstar used their contract to their advantage, being able to choose where they want to go in their prime...Look at the NBA every superstar is now utilizing free agency to their advantage, P.George, Melo, KD just for examples...He changed the game #THEOFFTHECOURTGOAT

πŸ€”...some of y'all should read this article..."The Hypocrisy of Criticizing Kevin Durant" by Robert Littal


After Craig cussed Smokey out for that shit wit Big Worm...he still went to go get his gun

"I can give a fuck about the next man thoughts, cause if I was to fail that ain't the next man fault!" #motivationmusic this morning @fataldacannon #topcapers #capercity

πŸ˜‚ I've watched this a 3 thousand times today @lacefrontkilla πŸŽ₯ @flynupefly @future #funny #comedians

Only if we had more #OGs like this today...a lot of ppl (not just young ppl either) got the game fucked up out here! NEVER LET OTHER PPL DICTATE YOUR MOVES!!!

#thebishopsdesk don't let them change who you are!!!

I know they TRY to say you didn't much but...you made healthcare affordable to 20million plus, you give equal rights to the lgbtq community, you caught osama binden, and my personal favorite pardoned close to 400 inmates that had been unjustly sentenced or deserved a second chance...In my mind you the #GOAT

#thebishopsdesk Merry Christmas

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